My book entitled "Notes From Grandpa" was written to assist parents/grandparents who are trying to help any of their family members who are having deal with a critical issue which we all much face at some point in our lives. Some of the "gems" as they have been called are on topics such as
Self-Discipline, Character, Conflict Resolution, Force-Field Analysis, Spirituality, Gaining a Positive Attitude,
and Self-Assessment for Christians/Fruits of the Spirit.
The information can be very useful when a parent or grandparent is able to sit down and discuss their family members problem face to face with the intent to increase the individual's perspective on how to handle their problem.

Author's Bio: 

Dr. Quentin Gessner background includes being a former high school teacher and football coach, Assistant Director of the Extension Service at the University of Michigan, and Dean of Continuing Studies at the University of Nebraska.
He has 5 children, 13 Grandchildren, and 11 Great-Grand children.