The bills are due.

The job is not going so well.

The kids and wife are unhappy.

Even the dog is not your best friend these days.

What to do?

Ever have this experience? If you have been on Earth more than a couple of years, you certainly have, or at least variations on the themes. It may be unavoidable. The Yin and Yang of Life.

What can we do when we are at a lower point, when Life seems to have a stranglehold and is tightening its grip?

Today, I am staring at 2 bills I have no idea how I will pay. Friday, I have a session that is extremely nerve wracking. In the mean time, there are business issues, health issues and a few other in between that I am equally clueless about.

In other words, it is perfect.

I do not say this sarcastically or to infuse humor; rather, I refuse to live from this place of so-called “reality” In my reality that exists within my oh so fertile brain, I am already wealthy and bills are a non-issue. Friday’s class is a huge success — a return of the conquering hero. Health issue? What health issues! I am strong, fit and ready to go.

These are the places and the issues I choose to pour my energy into. Eventually, they will be so inundated with powerful Qi that the Angel of Manifestation (or whatever name you wish to say here) will have to allow these to come to fruition.

“Get real!” says my inner demon.

I am. I refuse to engage in the fake drama that is in front on me.

Instead, I am creating.

Nothing is more real.

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