Most people get confused when they hear the term Pilates. The term sounds like the name of an airplane. However, the term Pilates is the name of a fitness regimen designed in the 20th century by Joseph Pilates. While most contemporary schools of Pilates focus on using exercise equipment and contraptions to practice this discipline, people can do these regimens at home.

Joseph Pilates demonstrated that these can be done on a mat and on the floor. People can practice Pilates at home, since Pilates recommended that people wear as little clothing as possible. Workout routines do not have to be exhausting. Instead of delving into an hour long of sweating, people who practice this should emerge themselves into the regimen 10 minutes everyday. People are encourage to try harder exercises as time goes by.

Exercises vary, some are very simple and some are complicated. There are many beginner Pilates exercises that can help people get started. Some of these exercises include: The Hundred and The Chest Lift Follow these simple instructions to learn how to do Pilates at home.

The Hundred is a versatile exercise. It helps work out the lungs and the abdominals. It is a warm up exercise and should be done for at least five minutes per session. Follow this instructions:

1.Lay flat on the floor or a mat, facing up.
2.Hands should be flat on the floor next to the waist.
3.Bend legs and plant feet on the ground.
4.Knees should be pointing up.
5.Curl the upper part of the spine bringing the head up
6.Move arms up and down, as in a pumping motion.
7.Inhale while raising arms exhale while lowering arms.
8.Do these in increments of five until reaching 100.

This exercise helps build core strength and stamina. There are various degrees of difficulty for doing this exercise. However, this variation is recommended for beginners and people who suffer from lower back pains.

The Chest Lift works out the chest and the transverses abdominals. These section of the abdominals are critical when it comes to developing and maintaining core resistance. Guys and ladies who want to have flat hard rock abdominals can take advantage of these exercise.

1.Lay down on the floor.
2.Fold legs so that knees are pointing to the ceiling and feet are grounded on the floor.
3.Keep the pelvis resting flat on the floor or mat on a natural position.
4.Lift head up and put hands behind the head.
5.Intertwine the fingers.
6.Keep the lower abs down.
7.Raise hand and head towards knees.
8.Move chest hald way towards the knees.
9.Keep chin close to the chest area.
10.Put head down resting on both hands.
11.Continue movements as many times as desired.

This is almost the same as doing crunches, but the chest and the knees do not have to touch. As the name of the exercise denotes, the chest should be lifted. These two exercises are easy to do, but they work out major group muscles. They also help people work their hear, lungs and get flat abs.

Author's Bio: 

Anna Wehr has learned a lot about pilates for beginners practices and how pilates at home can tone the body.