In our last conversation, we began the discussion of harmonics. We talked about the actual physics of harmonics--their relationships as geometric multiples of vibrating strings. We also discussed some of their uses in the esoteric traditions such as the Tibetan "Deep Voice" chanting style. I would now like to discuss Nouvo-European Vocal Harmonics.

When I first began to study the phenomenon of vocal harmonics, I listened to many different styles of creating these sounds, including the Tibetan "One Deep" Voice and Mongolian "Hoomi" throat singing style. After many years of listening to and then learning these different vocal styles, I realized there was an extraordinary difference, not only in the actual sounds of these Eastern vocal harmonics, but also in their creation and what I and many other American and European harmonic singers were teaching. I call the technique that I and other Westerners teach "Nouveau-European Vocal Harmonics".
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In many of the traditional styles of vocal harmonics from the East: the Tibetan "Deep Voice" and Mongolian "Hoomi", it takes many years of exceptional training in order to develop the voice. The Tibetan "Deep Voice" is not one which can simply be picked up--frequently, if one tries to duplicate it the results can be disastrous--everything from strained vocal cords to loss of the voice can result. With the Mongolian "Hoomi" techniques, the results can be equally bad. There is a great strain on the vocal apparatus in these traditions. Astounding harmonics are created as a result of this, but at what price?

From an inter dimensional viewpoint, It became important to implement a different style of vocal harmonics onto the planet which could be learned easily and used as a tool for frequency shifting. The reason for this was that the vibrational level of the Earth plane had evolved to the point where it was possible for humans to begin to develop the ability to create vocal harmonics without years of discipline and strain to the 5th seal, or chakra. The time had come where the creation and use of harmonics as tools for self-transformation and healing could be brought to the mainstream of consciousness as opposed to being restricted to purely esoteric traditions and techniques. And this has occurred.

One way of creating vocal harmonics through the Nouvo-European technique is simply to gently sing the vowel sounds "oo" to "oh" to "ah" to "eye" to "aye" to "eee". (Specific instruction as to how to create vocal harmonics through these and other sounds are found in my book book HEALING SOUNDS from Element Books and the accompanying "Healing Sound" instructional audio from Spirit Music). These vowels sounds, interestingly enough are also the vowel sounds that when coupled with specific pitches will indeed resonate the 2nd through 7th chakras. The vocal harmonics that are created by singing these vowel sounds together are beautiful and ghost like and they sound like an angelic voice that is singing along with an individual.

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