Nova Scotia has selected more immigrants. This time, those candidates have been selected who have experience in the Early Childhood education and assistants profile. The Nova Scotia government requires some solid evidence to know that the candidate has worked in this profile. This solid evidence consists of reference letters for 5 years handed out by the previous employers.

The other eligibility conditions for the candidate to get selected as per this profile are as follows:

A candidate must have got some post-secondary education related to the domain of Early Childhood Education meant for kids whose age is between 0-8 years. There should be evidence about this education too with a candidate. The length of this program should be more than two years or more. The candidate first has to apply to the express entry program to get selected as per this stream.

This is the 4th time, Labour Market priorities stream is used to invite candidates through the express entry pool. Earlier three times it has been used. The first two times, it has been used for inviting applicants with the Early Childhood Educators and Assistants experience. Thirdly, it has been used for inviting candidates with Financial Auditors and Accountants experience who know French also. So, in this invite, 312 candidates were selected.

Living conditions in Nova Scotia

Nova Scotia has various industries where one can work. There are many industries here that are in a growing stage. This province luckily had unemployment at levels lower than the Canadian average since 2006. The various industries in which you can find employment here are, manufacturing, mining, oil and gas and service industries which are experiencing growth. This province has an average family income at $67,910. However, Halifax the capital of this province has an even higher income at 80,490 CAD which is more than the average Canadian family income.

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Cost of a house in Nova Scotia

One of the most advantageous facts about living in Nova Scotia is the low cost of a house. This cost is less than the amount to purchase a house in the different provinces of Canada. The cost of getting a house in Nova Scotia is 21% of the cost of buying a house in Canada. The primary and secondary education is imparted free of cost in Nova Scotia.

Education in Nova Scotia

There are also great colleges in Nova Scotia such as Nova Scotia College of Art and Design and the University of King's College. However, the cost of undergraduate education is high in this province at 5,500 CAD per year.
Nova Scotia also has a low population of 1 million. Its citizens are also very warm and friendly.

Tourist spots of Nova Scotia

There is the famous tourist spot of Bay of Fundy in Canada where you can easily enjoy whale-watching. Nova Scotia has a peninsula which is the spot for activities such as kayaking and spotting seals.

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