This is the time to renew your commitments, your intentions and your priorities. It is the month to refresh your environment, to refinish and brighten what has dulled, to rekindle important friendships, to recharge relationships, to bring more chi into the body and to re-determine your goals and the path to reach them.

November is a more masculine month with plenty of energy available for moving forward. We have had times supporting movement previously this year. The difference now is that everything has shifted, giving you more access to the quantum field and to what is possible. You need to acknowledge this difference and expand your awareness to accommodate it.

The image is of being in a small pond where you know your limits and your limitations, the edges and the boundaries. The pond has become too small however you are used to navigating within it. The enclosure of the pond has been removed and we find ourselves in a vast ocean not being able to use the sight and feel of the enclosure for navigation. What is necessary now is to trust the inner navigation, your inner radar. This inner radar is your own intuition and sense of self, sense of what is right and sense of where your path lies. Your inner radar is your own heart.

Deeper dimensions of experience are now available to us where we are not limited to experiencing just the physical plane. When you look at a tree you will begin to see not just the physical form of the tree, but rather a multidimensional experience of the tree, its spirit, its communication, its soul. The same goes for people around you. You will begin to experience them as multidimensional beings with loads of history. The downside of this expansion is the tendency for overload and the possibility of losing ones tether to the agreed upon collective experience of the physical world. You will probably witness what appears to be mental breakdown and psychic meltdown among many who are not able to differentiate and separate the physical from the astral very well. They need much compassion and help at this time.

Then there are those that are not conscious enough yet to notice any difference. We have said before that this time frame will begin to create a huge gap between how one person experiences life as opposed to another person. One person’s reality will definitely be way different than another’s depending on their level of consciousness. These times require a great allowing and acceptance of others to be just where they are and acknowledging that the experience of life will be as varied as each individual.

It is important that you keep a good handle on reality during these times but with a conscious allowing of a gradual expansion into the broader experience available. This can be done with intention and we advise taking some time every day to meditate and open your senses. This is a good practice also when you are in nature or in a place of clearer energy. It is not advised when you are in a crowd. If you feel you are on overload you may need to practice pulling your energy field in and putting some protection up. Recommended audio for working with the themes of the month link: Energy Management: Protection & Appropriate Exchange.

The masculine quality of the month provides an opportunity for great clarity especially if you use your intuition with it. Anytime you feel confused you are probably trying to sort things out based on something other than what simply feels right to you. Beware of too many cooks in the kitchen when you are in the process of an important decision. Remember that others view things through the lens of their own experience and what ends up being right for you may not always make sense to them. It is always a good idea to run things by someone you trust but the final decision will have to be yours alone.

In this time you all should be renewing your commitment to taking responsibility for your own lives. No one is going to fix it, make it better, get you out of debt, improve your health, give you a better job, remove your addictions and co-dependencies, or make anything stop except you, yourself. This is the time of growing up. It is your life. Stop whining and complaining and renew your commitment to yourself to create the kind of life that you want. Not what someone else thinks you should be doing, but what you want. Renew your intentions and honor that this is a time of renewal when anything becomes possible. Dream big.

Now comes the hard part; dealing with the distractions that threaten to derail you at every turn.

There is the story of the monk and the temple of a thousand demons. A group of monks were to go through their final test, getting through the temple of a thousand demons. One by one the monks entered the first door and after screams and intense noises coming from inside the temple not one of them emerged from the door on the other side. Finally the last monk asked the elder priest for any advice that would help him get through. “Just keep your eye on the door on the other side. Never take your eyes off the door”, the elder answered. The young monk entered and after a time of the same loud intense noises and screams, he came tumbling out the door on the other side. When asked how he had done it when so many others had failed, he said “I just kept my eye on the door, never took it off”.

The door on the other side represents your goals and intentions. The temple of a thousand demons is life itself. The distractions are your reactions and any behavior that is not of spirit. Feed any energy at all into a small drama and it will very quickly become a big one. Any reaction at all that is not completely neutral will have a charge to it and throw you off center. You will notice that all behaviors not of spirit are initiated by some reaction that is not neutral. Practice neutrality. It is absolutely the best thing you can do and always puts you in a position of power. So renew your priorities based on your inner rudder and your heart and then keep your eye on your goals, on the door on the other side of the temple of a thousand demons.

The theme of Boundaries is a big one this month. As energetic limitations are lifted it is important to renew and reset your own boundaries. In the exploration of the expanded access to the quantum field, you may run across some people with no boundaries at all and others that try to impose on yours or impose their boundaries on you. Everything and everyone is pushing this way and that in an attempt to reset some kind of order. It is up to you to reset and renew your own boundaries according to your priorities and goals. The human experience has been based on reaction and pushing up against something. When you are in the ocean there is nothing to push up against until a boundary is created. The new container has to be created from within and many people are not used to the responsibility of the task. It will be very interesting to observe in the next year or so, what becomes manifest.

Sometimes renewal demands the death of something. The theme of death/rebirth is also active this month. As you go through your life and decide what needs renewal, there may be aspects that you can no longer tolerate or accommodate. Open your eyes and see things realistically. Allow death when it is called for by purposefully eliminating what is past. Especially use death to eliminate old dramas that still have you tethered. Remember that if it does not feel good and if you cannot be neutral about it, it is not of spirit.

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