This is exactly the right moment for you to begin…

Who cares what went before…  NOW IS YOUR TIME!

Who cares what you failed at in the past…  NOW IS YOUR TIME!

Who cares who said you can’t do this or that…  NOW IS YOUR TIME!

Who cares about anything other than the fact that NOW IS YOUR TIME!

You hear the call within you and you are also overwhelmed with pain about the things that have gone before.  You think that your failures of the past must continue to determine the future.  You think that because you have not done it yet, you will never do it…

You think that your dreams are just dreams and you need to live in the real world where there is pain and suffering and hardship doing work that does not make you come alive and you think you have to keep settling for it.  You pretend to be doing your work but you never make any waves because really, you are still in dabble mode.

NOW IS YOUR TIME to do your great work.

It will not happen until you make the solid decision to walk the narrow path until it happens.

It will not happen until you go through that eye of the needle, stripping away all your unnecessary burdens…

It will not happen while you continue to do only things that you are familiar with…

A new result DEMANDS new actions!

And you will not always feel certain about those new actions and yet, you must DARE!

DARE to put your best work out into the world and care not about the reaction because it is work that you must do!

Dare to show up even when you are petrified…

Dare to show up even when you want to scream with the pain of facing down your internal demons…

Dare to show up AGAIN even when the last time did not work…

Dare to show up even when you just don’t know when the result will happen…

Despite all this, will you do the work you are born to do?

Will you start now to build an audience around you that are interested in what you have to say?

Will you start now to tell them your message?

Will you start now to ask them to buy into you with their actual money?

Will you face the internal voices that ask you if what you are doing is good enough?

Will you face the fact that the work you do WILL NOT BE PERFECT at the start and still you put it out into the world?

Will you ignore the judgement and opinions of those who are not your people?

Will you accept the mantle of leadership over those who are?

NOW IS YOUR TIME to step up and start your revolution!

It is a revolution like no one else’s before you because no one else is you!

It may seem like many talk the message you have and yet, NO ONE SAYS IT LIKE YOU so you must speak YOURS TOO!


Whether it is products, a service, books, music, ministry, whatever your thing is, NOW IS YOUR TIME!

The revolution begins…

Fight for, create the life you want!

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Rosemary Nonny Knight used to be a pharmacist and then decided to do her own thing and gain freedom. She made it happen with real estate management and now shows others how to set up their own business and get those first few customers online