Have you ever told yourself, this year I am going to read through the entire Bible? Yet if you are like most people I have talked to, you get started but stop after finding it just too much time and effort. Maybe you get through Genesis, but once you start Exodus, you think that's enough! Why? The following are the reasons:

Too many distractions. You probably find that trying to read a few chapters a day gets crowded out with other things you haven't finished. For example, have you finished responding to your email? Have you responded to your Facebook requests? etc., etc.

Seems too confusing. The Bible was written centuries ago and it can be difficult at times to relate it to modern issues. Like to just get to the point. Chronological Bible reading plan , considering all the time to read the whole Bible, it seems easier to just listen to some inspirational messages or sermons.

All the same, I believe taking this journey through the entire Bible is well worth the effort. Why?

The Bible has influenced millions. A few months ago, my wife and I visited the Huntington Library in San Mateo, California, and we were impressed with the book on display at their library of books called the Gutenberg Bible. This was a huge display because we learned this was the first major printed book. The developers of the movable type printing press felt the first major book should be the Bible. This right there shows the importance of this book as an influence on societies around the world.

Individuals have attested to the value of reading the entire Bible. I was first motivated to read the entire Bible about seven years ago by one of my assistant pastors. He told me that he had read the Bible for over 25 years in succession and this experience had "changed his life." His understanding and faith in his beliefs had become dramatically stronger. Since then, I started reading through the entire Bible and can attest to the same thing! I would say since reading through the Bible now several times, my faith has increased about five times.

Resources are available to assist you in reading through the entire Bible. There are sources you can obtain that will be helpful by providing you with a yearly plan, and assisting you and insights as you go along.

So in summary, this coming year, I would encourage you to take that step of reading through the entire Bible. You might find it life-changing for yourself.

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