People change names for one reason or the other and hence post newspaper adverts for the same. It is one of the common news ad categories that you will find in every news journal. Consequently, people often select national dailies, regional papers, vernaculars, etc. to publish such ad posts. There is no dearth of such notices in the news journals and they are a common newspaper posts.

Once a name change seeker is done with name change advert and the other steps viz. getting an affidavit and publishing a gazette notification, one can proceed towards getting their name updated on other essential documents viz. PAN Card, Driving License, Passport, etc. Name change advertisement for passport or any other document need not be published exclusively as the newspaper clipping announcing the name change act will be sufficient proof for the same.

While publishing a name change advertisement one needs to be careful in providing the relevant and mandatory details viz. new name, current name, reason to change the name, residential proof, etc. All of this is essential to provide or else your name change advert will be rejected on the grounds of lack of information. It is because you need to produce the newspaper clipping before the concerned authorities to get your name changed permanently.

The name change process in India is quite strict because the authorities need to check the fraudulent activities. Plus, they have to stop anti-social activities that might be undertaken by anti-social people in the disguise of a fake identity. Hence, to avoid such a situation the laws are such that one needs to go through a strict and streamlined process to get rechristened. If anyone fails to abide by the process she or he might not be able to successfully get on a new name.

Newspaper ad posts are essential to publish for such a move because these posts are like Public notices. One announces their name change move to the common people so that they can get to know that a person with XYZ name has changed their name to ABC.

Though, one can choose any newspaper of their choice for such a purpose but it is advisable that one should announce such acts at two levels; one at the local level and the other at national level. Hence, one should go for a local paper or a community newspaper that is read by the people of their area and the ones who know the individual in person. The second newspaper can be a National daily which will help to announce the same news at PAN India level. One can produce both the advert copies before the concerned authorities during a name change process.

It is also advisable to keep both ad copies safe in original for future references as it will be a legal proof that will be for a lifetime. Also, the person can come up with the original piece of newspaper clipping if asked for in future.

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