If you are looking to start a home based business or online business, there are different ways you can go about this depending on what you want out of it. First question is…do you want a second income to help pay off some bills or are you looking to have your online business be your main source of income. The next question is…how much time and money can you put into it. Here are a few ideas for these situations.

A home based business as your main source of income will take time to build. There is a lot of leg work involved to get yourself established as an authority in your niche so people will buy from you. With this you should have your own web site, a place where you can send customers to with products or links to affiliate sites where they can buy. You will be spending the majority of your time driving traffic to your site. A great way to get started would be to become an affiliate marketer. Start by selling someone else’s product and get paid a commission for each sale.

With affiliate marketing you will be provided with a web site and all you need to do is drive the traffic to that site. It is time consuming to do that so be prepared for it. If you want to be successful over the long term, then you will want to drive your traffic to a squeeze page so you can capture the persons name and email address for future sales and then send them to the affiliates page for the sale.

Now if you are just looking to have a second income and you don’t have the time to put into an online business that it needs, then you should look into a program that I recommend called the work at home tool kit. This is a program that pretty much does all the work for you including getting you targeted traffic to the site that is provided for you. They will also take care of upsells that can give you a residual monthly income. Sound to good to be true? Well it’s not…it’s all real! You will need to invest for all the tools, however, the return on investment is huge and will give you a great start to a very successful online business. (By the way, there is a trial period so you will definitely want to check it out!)

Side note: feel free to use this program as you main income source as well! You can spend your time driving traffic to a squeeze page for this site and build on that.

So depending on the amount of time you have or what you want your home based business or online business to be for you, the affiliate marketing program or the work at home tool kit program are two great ways for you to get started. Both provide you with materials and web sites, the main difference is in the training tools and traffic that the work at home tool kit will provide you. Both programs are legitimate online business opportunities and will reward you for your efforts!

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