Fashion is complex. It can be as simple or as difficult as you want to make it. Those that usually fall into trouble are those that prefer unorthodox styles as opposed to those that prefer treading on safer paths when it comes to clothes and shoes. Some of the best selling shoes in the world revolve around colors that can be considered somewhat simple and drab.

These include black, white, beige, cream and brown shoes. This is also why most manufacturers have catalogs that are filled with shoes of these colors. But you don’t have to stick to these colors if you’re going for something safe. There are always nude shoes after all.

So what is a nude shoe? A nude shoe describes any footwear that has a color that is easily matched to your skin tone. This means they are supposed to come in a variety of colors considering how we come from different racial and cultural backgrounds. Unfortunately, most manufacturers tend to produce nude shoes that revolve around a few colors.

These colors can be light pink/orange, pale, light beige, light brown, off whites as well as various shades of tan. For that reason, you need to forget about what manufacturers think about nude colored shoes and pick one for yourself. If you’re skin tone is brown, ignore the labels in the store and find the correct hue of brown that closely matches it.

There are benefits to purchasing shoes of this nature. Firstly, they tend to draw attention to the clothes you wear. This ability really shows its strength when you are trying to highlight brightly colored dresses or skirts. They also create an illusion of added height, which is a benefit to all but the tallest amongst us.

When you wear a pair of shoes that accurately matches your skin tone, the viewer will tend to perceive the shoe as part of your leg. The long line of unbroken color from the leg to the shoe is what creates the illusion, which is why it is so important to select the correct color. By blending in well, the viewer also tends to concentrate on other areas, such as your dress or your handbag.

For that reason, you really want to choose a simple pair without too many accessories. Avoid straps, buckles or any accessories that are near the foot area as this will defeat the entire purpose of wearing nude shoes. However, the illusion is quite pointless if the shoes are flat (trainers, ballerina flats etc).

To get the most out of nude shoes, you’ll want to go with any style that adds physical height as well. For that reason, the most popular nude’s usually revolve around high heels of some sort including stilettos, court shoes and wedges.

You may also be wondering why some manufacturers label certain shoes nude and other beige or light brown. Well the difference lies in intent actually. People that buy light brown heels aren’t necessarily looking for something to blend in with their skin tone.

But those that buy nude shoes are always looking for matching colors. As such, the label really isn’t important. If you possess a very dark skin tone, buy a very dark shoe for the same effect and forget how manufacturers are labeling the product.

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