Miramax co-founder and producer Harvey Weinstein has made the news recently in a major sex scandal involving an alleged long list of predatory and abusive sexual advances and actions with actresses and women in the industry.Miramax popularized bizarre behaviors, gratuitous violence and sex while pushing the limits of the motion picture and entertainment industry. It has since been taken over by Walt Disney Productions.

His behavior brings to the surface activity that has been going on since the early days of Hollywood’s emergence as the world center of motion picture entertainment. Marilyn Monroe was known to have commented about having to “perform” for directors and producers to get parts during her career. This pressure to provide various sorts of sexual favors and performance upon aspiring actresses, and even established female stars, is a known fact among Hollywood insiders.

It is quite interesting how such a prolific practice has remained secreted from the mainstream and enforcement for so long. It remains to be seen how quickly the attempt will be to get rid of this mess before it leads to an avalanche of exposures, so to say.

An examination of his numerology chart would lead an experienced numerologist to say, I could have seen it coming. His chart is loaded with potentially explosive personal issues suggested throughout. You can examine his chart located at my Numerology of Famous People page which reveals much about to which I refer.

Where does one start? There are so many signposts of possible improprieties. In his short name there are six letters with the value of 5, indicating a tendency toward excess and indulgence. His pure 80 full name is an oft times indicator of monetary gain, recognition and success in professional and/or commercial endeavors. On the dark side it adds the possibility of excess and potential abuse to all of the traits of an 8: including power, money, management, control and authority.

The sub numbers reveals traits of the gambler and risk taker, which combined with the over developed ego of the 8 can lead to the illusion of being above the law, untouchable and struggling with a big dose of denial. His pure 30 life number suggests the likelihood of expanded creativity and accomplishment of artistic and media success. The dark side is the potential for sexual excess and emotional abusiveness to extreme.

When putting his chart along with brother Bob, there are several warning signs suggesting loss, sacrifice and possible martyrdom. A quick examination of Miramax suggest an organization that gains wide recognition, and one that presents a broad spectrum of human behavior. The dark side includes delving perilously into deep and dark repressed human behaviors.

Is this event the proverbial tip of the iceberg that will reveal to a startled public a much larger base of dysfunction and abuse? For certain this will have ramifications far beyond Hollywood. Perhaps it will eventually open the door to more healthy approaches to exploring and healing our dark side, and release humanity from the dread and exploitation of that part of themselves which they fear and deny.

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Lynn has affectionately been referred to as the grandfather of modern American numerology. Or, sometimes more quaintly as “old man numbers”. With over 50 years of study and practice: he has written more than a dozen books, spent over a dozen years of international travel in over a dozen countries teaching and conducting personal sessions. His list of creative contributions to the field continues to grow with each passing cycle of his professional journey. He has for decades been ahead of the pack with his insight and foresight.

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