2020 has started and the predictions for numerology are on peak. As far as the case of 2020 is concerned, it represents number 4 which signifies the departure of arrival that shows returning home to the self. According to the specialists of numerology, it has been observed that number 4 is the one that is capable of guiding you to go within the depth of yourself and feel whole in yourself.

Personal year 1

This can be the start of a new cycle for you as 2020 will bring an immense amount of new business and opportunities in your life. You'll be required to start with a lot of fresh things this year so that even think in many different ways. You may even start to think in a new way and then try to develop your crush attitude towards your things or even start a new job or relationship astrologer with new people.

Personal year 2

The current year may make you feel aligned deeper with your soul calling and make you find ways to create a sense of comfort with your help in your own skin and life no matter what is happening around you. Normally be people are being called to accept ourselves and the events that happened in our life on the deepest of levels so that we can become more mindful of how we choose to talk to ourselves and finally treat ourselves as a human. 2020 has also been known to form an angel number which is a kind of repetitive number pattern.

Personal year 3

This year can also make you realise the importance of truth in your life and the opportunity to strengthen your voice. You can even have the western to share and a story to tell to the people around you and so this year can make you think about different ways you can share it with the people around you. All you need to do is just put yourself there and know that your voice is your key apart from expressing yourself and Shayari of wisdom.

Personal year 4

This can be extremely special for you as new energy is waiting for you are there in 2020. This is your time to really go after what you actually want in your life so you need to do is make sure that what you want and what you are pursuing in alignment with your true self and your real higher calling. If you have been feeling stuck and something you've wanted to get connected with deeper versions of your purpose then 2020 bring you some events that will help you in identifying the same.

Personal year 5

This year can prove to be an opportunity for you to begin again and again and keep experimenting till the last inspiration comes to you and settles everything down. It is always up to the belief of a person what he chooses to believe apart from what is told to him or not. You may even feel like your working on your last karmic lessons that will always keep you a level up to a new and higher level of vibration but there will be the sense of these in the year for those who experience number 5 as a personal number in 2020.

Personal year 6

It is aimed at making you feel balanced more aligned with your true self to make you realise the inner potential that is somewhere hidden inside you but you are not aware of that. It also talks about the hidden and inner consciousness that works as a counterintuitive approach behind your personality about which you should definitely be aware of.

Personal year 7

Personal number 7 what you see in others exist in you and the mirror thing will work in many different ways throughout the year so that you get to discover the truth in 2020. All you need to do to balance yourself just find the real you so that you can make a deeper commitment to someone you love and do not want to lose.

Personal year 8

2020 may bring you a lot of opportunities for you so that you can transform and get awakened. This can be a great year for you to think about the ways that can help you in maximizing the wealth and energy to a much abundant level.

Personal Year 9

This can bring opportunities for completion for you that have been challenging but not things are going to schedule and you are finally going to feel yourself stronger as you work for these ending chapters. All you need to do is have that firm belief on yourself so that you can continuously work upon your goals and dreams so that we can achieve them.

Numerology predictions is a way of finding, through mathematics, the energies we are working within this lifetime. Through the numbers of our birth date and the numbers assigned to the letters of our name given at birth, numerology shows us our strengths, weaknesses and lessons or issues we are working with.

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Manavv Chawla is a famous astrologer in India who helps people by deconstructing and decoding critical challenges in their personal and corporate lives towards providing holistic solutions. His sessions focus on bringing clarity without adding to redundant beliefs and concepts, thus understanding, transforming and transcending the mind.