Breastfeeding is the babie's right and lets him have it. There are many stories making rounds, and heated debates revolving around the globe trying their level best to ensure that the new mother shouldn’t be uncovered while feeding. Empowered women on the flip side, are trying their level best to discover all the possible reasons as to why covering up while breastfeeding is not the traditional option available to a crying kid and an exhausted mother. The embarrassing stares from the public
as encountered by one of the top fashion designers from Delhi describes the distress level of the mother, sometimes she is asked to leave the area as this can be troublesome for the spectators out there, as they are possibly disgusted to see the serene and beautiful relationship of the baby and the mother.

Such stories keep hitting the news, what takes us by awe is the fact that something so usual and natural is considered so unreasonable to practice in public. It’s of utmost importance that such beliefs need to be shattered, the stereotypical ideals should be broken, new generation women need to break free from the comments that come from the unapologetic public, the curiosity of the people to witness the distressed situation of a woman with a wailing baby, ups the stress level.

We are surrounded by such narrow-minded people who are there to judge your situation with no remorse. No one has given the right to force the young mother from feeding his new-born in public, she is bestowed with utmost liberty to go for the feeding sessions whenever the child is hungry. Nothing tops the responsibility for a new mother other than to free the hunger of the new-born.

There stands no legitimate reason as to why a woman needs to cover up while she is breastfeeding. The reasons people cite is the probably the exposure of breasts on the teenagers.

Due to the subsequent rise in such cases, breastfeeding in public has garnered all the needed support worldwide, but the usual remark from the public stands the same “what is it so hard about covering up while breastfeeding in public?”

This procedure of breastfeeding should be renamed as simply the method to feed the hungry child. The idea to cover up while feeding is silly for both mother and child, “imagine you are having a meal with your face covered, how are you possibly going to eat without feeling claustrophobic?” Remarks the new mother.

The reasons to cover up during breastfeeding holds no strong reason. There is this urgent requirement to put a huge full stop to those disgusting and cynical thoughts about breastfeeding.

Its fine to cover up to prevent any sort of nipple exposure but to ask a new mother to feed the wailing baby with a blanket or cloth is utter nonsense. Imagine a young mother trying her level best to make the fragile, little one comfortable so that he can latch on perfectly, is anyway a tough task especially on the part of a new mother. Well, presumably new mothers aren’t superman where they could possibly balance the squishy child in one hand and blanket in another with an additional responsibility to comfort the child.

When covered with a blanket, some babies get an additional reason to embarrass their mother by crying at the highest pitch possible while they are having their food with the princely attitude, after all, kings don’t eat food in tents. The feeling of being claustrophobic envelops which in turn increases the hassle of the already distressed mother. One of the most crucial things about breastfeeding is the eye contact between mom and baby. How can you cover the cradled baby with glittering eyes and smiling face with a cloth just to avoid frequent embarrassing eye contact?

The increasing pressure to cover up makes breastfeeding a very legit thing, and in the quest to make the thing little more sensible these sorts of stereotypical mentalities are to be addressed. So, the mom can feed their babies with little or no hassle.

The concept of pumping milk in a bottle has become very common, where drinking milk is made available at any hour for working women as they are away from the babies for so long. But storing milk by all the mothers, just to avoid breastfeeding in public makes the entire concept sound goofy and extremely complicated.

Mom breastfeeding in public makes complete sense if they are doing it modestly. “Now let’s discuss the idea of modesty”. The feeling of having offensive thoughts could be a replica when you see the women in a bathing suit or a low-cut top. When a woman breastfeeds, all you see is the strong bond which is pure and beautiful
What starts with the initial adjustment of top and bra are the signs where the women are going to start breastfeeding. So, you better look away despite directly staring at the food of the little baby.
Breast don’t draw any unnecessary attention, but it becomes an embarrassing situation for a mother when she is stared at so hard.

Another idea of breastfeeding in the bathroom which is relatively a gross place to go for a feeding session, would you possibly eat in a bathroom? so how can a child be expected to eat in a bathroom? Feeding a baby in the bathroom is very gross and unhygienic. bathrooms can get very gross, stinky, and unsanitary for the baby. When the option to breastfeed is available at much hassle-free places why dig deep into the child discomfort just to avoid the embarrassing pair eyes of the public.

Now some people hold a counter view where they try to compare breastfeeding and sex, where breastfeeding is so natural, on the flip side sex is an intimate act and need not be showcased in public. Feeding a baby is none of those things. it’s how a baby and mother bonds with each other. The insane comparison between apples and oranges makes little or no sense.

Mothers should have the liberty to feed the child wherever they feel like. Covering the breasts during breastfeeding not only brings in the worst implications, but the situation is yet to get more awkward for the distressed mother.
The awkwardness created be it for periods or breastfeeding has given rise to many issues which are to addressed with an open mind.

Breastfeeding affects a women’s self-confidence if that is considered disgusting. It is crucial for the health of the child and mother especially in the first few months where the mother’s milk is very crucial for the baby.

Author's Bio: 

Author’s bio

Rashmi Adwani based in Mumbai, has been writing for various healthcare units. She has been writing various blogs for the past two years on various social platforms. Her articles are mostly about the woman’s health awareness. Her interest in forming a strong perception around topics which need awareness is responsible beyond many exceptional articles. Right now she is working with CURRAE Hospital( in order to create awareness among masses about women health.