All parents very quickly learn that having children means losing sleep! When they are babies there are all sorts of things a tired parent will try to get their baby to take their nap, or to go down in their crib with no fuss. Soft music, nursery rhymes, rocking, swaddling to name a few. Babies spend most of their time sleeping in those first few months. What some parents do not think of is are the curtains keeping enough of the sunlight out? That is where nursery blackout curtains come in to play.

Why choose blackout curtains?

Blackout curtains are designed to block 99% of light from shining in. Whether it is daytime naps or evening bedtimes when it is still light outside, a nursery that is too light can make it hard for a baby to fall asleep. Even if you get thicker curtains thinking they will block out a good amount of the light, they will never be as effective as actual nursery blackout curtains. The room will be darkened cocooning them in a more sleep-conducive environment.

Blackout linings are another option

If you already have a perfect curtain set chosen or bought for your nursery, another option is blackout linings. These are a great option as you can attach the lining to the curtains you already have to get the blackout effect. Not any lining will do, it is a special lining that has a special resistance to ultraviolet light. These are more affordable too than actual Nursery curtains so you can get the great effect of a dark room for napping without breaking a budget.

Styles and designs

You can get these curtains in a range of sizes, looks, colors, and materials so you can still have the kind of nursery you dreamed of for your baby. If the nursery is on the small side keep its main colors on the walls to a lighter shade so the room feels bigger. You can use the curtains to add color or be part of a theme. Of course, a lot of girl baby nurseries are pink and boys' are blue, but you do not have to stick to those traditional gender colors. Keep it more neutral or give your daughter a space themed room, girls can be astronauts too!

Safety pointers

It is important to point out here that any window treatment you chose for the nursery, blackout curtains or something else needs to be considered carefully for safety issues. Be careful they cannot reach cords or tassels, keep the curtains short so the baby as it grows cannot pull them down. Also, consider that anything they can touch should toxin free as they are always putting things and their hands in their mouths. The windows should also have curtains that keep drafts out and warmth in, especially in the colder months.


It is so important to have a way to control the light coming into the nursery or any child's bedroom in fact. Nursery blackout curtains are a great way to do this. They could also be a big help in getting babies and children to go to sleep when you want them to!

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