According to Nurse Org there are more than 1.3 billion people lack of basic healthcare services across the world. As a result, medical organizations arrange a lot of medical mission trips where nurses work as a volunteer.

A lot of people related to nursing profession are very keen to go on such trips, but sometimes they cannot find the right way out. They ask me often to provide a full guideline to make a successful nursing trip.

As a professional mission organizer I researched a lot on this topic with my team and come up with a guideline that cover everything to make a successful nursing tour. Ok let’s start.

Here 11 tips to make a successful mission- Tested

In the below section I will discuss all the basic as well as advanced tips to make a successful mission trip.

1. Research on the mission areas:

You may feel very excited to go on a nursing mission trip.Hold on. In most of the cases, natural disaster-affected regions are selected for nursing missions. So dangerous or uncertain things may happen in those trips. So you have to research a lot on this areas and collect the necessary information for you. Then you should go on a mission.

2. Research your organization:

Nursing mission trips are mostly organized by the health organizations, health clubs and other missionaries. So before going on such a trip, you have to research on some aspects of the organization.

Let’s break it down:

• Previous mission trips data of the organization.

• Are they successful in most of the missions they had organized?

• How is their management?

• Does any uncertain thing happen on the past trips?

• If possible, please take some user reviews from the previous mission participants.

• If you are satisfied with those things, then you can go for a trip with them.

3. Understand your role in this mission

It is very important to understand your role in this mission. In the nursing mission trip, it is not necessary to be a nurse to take part such missions. Because there are some other jobs to be done to continue the journey. So familiarize yourself with your role duties to be better prepared and then inform the organization before the tour starts.

4. Try to connect with your team before trips

Meet your mission team members as early as possible. It is very important to know the trip members well to make a successful mission. Nowadays, it is very easy to connect with your desired team members with the help of social media.Or you can collect the phone numbers from the organization and meet them or schedule a dinner with everyone, if possible.

5. Mentally prepare

Mental preparation is a must for those trips. You may have to face different extreme situations on this trips like the death of the people, sickness, famine etc. So try to be strong and act smartly at the same time during those situations. I have a suggestion for you.

Wait, you must:

You should take advice from the experienced members of your team or your team leader of this mission trip and act accordingly. That's why positive mental preparation is the key to success in those missions.

6. Make sure you are covered by insurance

My research shows that most of the organizations require participants to be insured with travel insurance. If they offer insurance, then it is ok and if not take a personal travel insurance plan before trips. So you should have to know the policy of the organization regarding insurance and act accordingly.

7. Confirm your Passport and Travel Visa:

You must have your passport and travel visa if you trip to a foreign country. Sometimes the organization helps you to process your travel visa and you may need to provide proof of the mission trip insurance for that purpose.

8. Pack sincerely

Most of the organization will give you a basic packing list and you can do the packing accordingly. You can also add extra things to the packing list if you need. Sometimes they may tell you to do the packing yourself. It is not a big deal. You just have to pack according to the climate of the mission area.

9. Write your mission story and experience

Please try to write your mission story and experience in your notebook or your blog. Your story may inspire as well help others in many ways.

10. Safety tips during your mission:

I researched and listed some safety tips that may help you in your mission. Let’s see this.

Do not go alone:

It is essential to stay together with your teammates. Do not go outside alone.
If death of any patients happen in front of you?

Sometimes death of any patient may happen in front of you. Don't panic and afraid. It is my advice to stay with your team members. Tackle those situation as smartly as you can.

Do not take unnecessary risks:

If you do not know something well, avoid it. It is better to stay away from unnecessary tasks.

Choose public areas often:

It is safe to walk in the public areas or the crowds. Avoid walking in Empty Street.
Do not take expensive things with you:

You should not take costly things or jewelry with you in the mission.

Keep important phone numbers:

It is better to keep some important phone or telephone numbers like police station number, fire brigade telephone no, hospital contact no etc.

Keep general medicines with you:

It is smart to keep general medicines with you in a small box.

Choose the right uniform:

Uniform is most important part. You should wear comfortable uniform with matching weather. Don’t miss Right shoes to feet all day long.

11. Stay in touch with your mission team members:

After finishing your trip try to stay connected with your team members via phone and social media. Try to arrange a party and meet, share your experiences. You may find your next trip information from that. And most importantly, this will help you on your upcoming trips also.

Final Verdict

I am almost done with my writing. Now it is your time to apply those tips. Hope those tips will help you in your nursing mission. Please share your thoughts or any new suggestions for us. If you have any question regarding nursing mission trips, let me know. I am always here to help you out. Have a nice day!

Author's Bio: 

Md Rasel is a professional blogger.