Ray Cansela (Kevin Costner) said it best in the movie Field of Dreams when he was talking to the author Terrance Mann (James Earl Jones) stating "Sometimes the cosmic tumblers turn just right and the universe opens to possibilities never before imagined." He also noted that the sad thing was that most people don't even realize when it happens.
In the month of May 1988, in a year of 13 moons, I unknowingly embarked on a spiritual journey that continues to this day. The cosmic tumblers turned and clicked with the precision of a finely produced Swiss chronometer. A door was unlocked, a portal was created, and the universe opened.
The potential for unimaginable opportunities was made available, and amazingly, it was intended for me. Believe me when I say this was not a case of the proverbial light bulb turning on in your head, accompanied by the self-inflicted firm rap on the side of my noggin, and accompanied by the introspective hmmm.
In fact it would be several years before I made the connection between the events that transpired in May 1988 and their association with my spiritual path, and eventually, my destiny.
Fate by definition is the force or principle believed to predetermine events and is a consequence or final result that is inevitable. Destiny by definition is the inner purpose of a life that can be discovered or realized.
What you do, decisions you make, can affect your destiny, not your fate. In consideration of these two definitions, I ask, I beseech, I implore the reader to consider nursing your path and nurture your destiny if stagnation prevents forward movement.
Since there exists a direct relationship between your destiny and your legacy in this life, then it stands to reason they are worthy of attention and care.
Consider that as newborn infants, nursing and nurturing are requirements for life, according to the hierarchy of needs developed by the pioneering psychologist Maslow. When these needs are not met, the newborn will "fail to thrive."
In the newborn it is the stagnation caused by unmet needs which halts progress to the next level of development. This stagnation is the precursor to the newborns demise and the newborn will expire.
When you nurse your path and nurture your destiny, you enhance growth and development, you thrive and become successful. As an organism you transcend what is blocking your destiny. Believe in your fate people because your legacy is at stake.
What you do or accomplish in this existence, any difference you make, is passed to future generations, your children's children. Native American’s believe everything and everyone is related, which makes you related to your future
Yadi, yadi, yadi, is there a point here? The answer is a resounding yes, and once in a blue moon, or a year of 13 moons, an important message reaches the masses. The next “blue moon” is slated for next year, 2018.
Two full moons in the same month, the second moon being the "blue moon". Funny thing is, it’s not really a blue moon and you'll have to Google "blue moon/folklore" to see why. It’s all related, the movie Field of Dreams began filming in May 1988.
A spur of the moment decision to drive across the United States in 1988, a year of 13 moons with the extra moon in May, was significant relative to my Spiritual journey. When the universe opened a portal for me, I entered it. I haven’t looked back since.
In fact, it was the beginning of my spiritual journey, which in part inspired this article. That is to say, from 'inspired' to 'in spirit', from 'no where' to 'now here'.
Affirmation is defined as a positive statement asserting that a goal the speaker or thinker wishes to achieve is already happening. "I am a spiritual person and healer." “I will master my destiny.” “I believe in my fate.”
Has stagnation entered your personal space? If you prescribe to the belief Ray Canseca alludes to in Field of Dreams, don’t be unprepared when the universe opens a portal which might be meant for you. Rise above stagnation, transcend it, nurse your path, nurture your destiny, and believe in your fate.

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Joe Alonzo is a Certified Hypnotist, Intuitive Messenger, Spiritual Counselor, and retired nurse. His Native American roots and familial history of healing has bestowed gifts he uses for the advancement of humanity in their personal and business lives. You can visit his website Http://nursingyourpath.com for more information or to contact him.