Mental Health in a Holist Approach
In my practice I've had a great success with children and adults using Total Focus Program such as Cognitive Rehabilitation, Behavior Modification, Relaxation Therapy, Nutrition and Supplement Therapy, to help my clients achieve optimal psychological functioning. Good mental health cannot exist without attention to the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual matters.
One of the most important elements of Holistic Mental Health is the role of a well-balanced diet and nutrition. Psychological disorders such as Depression, Anxiety, Hyperactivity, Learning Disorders, Manic Depression and Alcoholism can be treated successfully with diet and nutritional supplementation, as well as changes in lifestyle, and learning how to cope with life’s challenges.
The brain is dependent on appropriate supplies of nutrients in order to function properly, when it doesn't receive these nutrients, the deficiency become visible in a variety of negative symptoms in thought, mood, emotion, perception and behavior.
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Cleyde Sena, PhD.

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I'm a Psychologist/Counselor, Certified in a Mental Health, and a Health Coach.