You might be one of those people who set up a Facebook account because your friends kept asking you to become their “friend” on Facebook. But do you really appreciate the value of your profile on Facebook?

Your profile can be as valuable as you make it. You can leave the blue background figure-head as your image, or you can choose to put a nice, friendly photo up on your profile. When I’m invited to become friends with someone on Facebook, if they don’t have a photo, chances are that I won’t accept their invitation. I want to see their face. I don’t want to be friends with a blue box with a silhouette of a man in it!

You can decide to put some personal information in your profile. Like your hometown, what type of relationships you are looking for on Facebook and of course, your birthday! On my birthday, I received so many birthday greetings that I felt like a Rock Star! So now, every morning, I go to my Facebook account and see which of my friends are celebrating a birthday that day and I send them a birthday greeting. Some of them I don’t know personally, but because I choose to be their friend, I make it a point to recognize their birthday.

There are many other things you can do to “nurture” your Facebook account and really make it part of you—Your Online Part. Here are a few things that will help you to nurture and grow your friends and yourself, through Facebook.

  • Be Active – Schedule 5-10 minutes twice a day to get on and interact with your friends
  • Be Social – Comment on what your friends are doing. Look at their profiles and photos and make a comment. (But be nice!)
  • Get Involved – Look for Groups to join that you have an interest in. And get involved with the group. Post questions, add relevant information to support the group.
  • Share – If you find something while surfing the Web that you think is good information, share it with your Facebook friends. It’s very easy to post to your Profile from most web pages.
  • Be Committed – Don’t let your account sit idle. Be committed to build it and nurture it just like a garden. Friends are a wonderful blessing, whether they are in-person or virtual friends!
Author's Bio: 

Terri Brooks has a passion for sharing incredible information. She is the owner of A Virtual Business Solution an Online Business Management Company and she is a certified Internet Marketing and Social Media Specialist. She trains and consults with entrepreneurs and nonprofit organizations, through her Tasting the Internet, One Byte at a Time Program, to maximize their exposure through Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube, along with blogging, and electronic newsletters/ezines.