Are you struggling to get personal growth, energy and focus?

Sometimes the #1 thing needs to be nurturing yourself.

I find that fine tuning is required day to day. That way today fits!

Quite often, I don’t get it right so that means I adjust.

Because when I adjust frequently, I find that I am more likely to get an approximate fit for me today.

I invite you to truly care for yourself. To make an effort to encourage yourself by your own nurturing self-care.

Nurturing yourself can be as simple as developing daily habits tuned to part of a day.

It’s important because nurturing yourself helps you grow as a person, get more energy and focus.

When you do something to take care of yourself, many things happen.

One direct result is that you relax.

Inducing the relaxation response is key!

In the busy buzz of this fast-paced world, getting yourself to relax reduces your stress. More energy and an improved focus tend to follow naturally when your mind and body get the benefit of the relaxation response.

That extra focus gives you more insight into what’s happening around you.

That insight helps you do the things that help you grow.

You become more alert to the small opportunities that open up as you interact with people.

Some of those opportunities may be little openings in a conversation that prompt you to speak up. That can lead to connecting deeply with others – and it can lead to opportunities to volunteer that change your life.

For example, when you connect with someone, you may find yourself offering to volunteer to do a small, specific task that helps another person. Then, in doing what you volunteered to help with, you’ll usually find yourself gaining new insights and new skills.

You gain skills by doing something in a slightly different environment than you’ve experienced before. Or by doing a task that turns out to involve skills you didn’t realize you had — or skills that you gain then, directly from the person you’re helping out!

Doing new things also gifts you with insights into how what you’re doing fits in to other areas you’re interested in learning about. This can lead to opportunities to grow still more.

What you actually do may be tiny, but the impact on your personal growth is often much larger.

Another bonus to nurturing yourself is that it gets you in the habit of taking action. People who take action get exposed to more ways to grow!

Nurturing yourself can be as simple as making time for your favorite beverage in the morning. Those few extra minutes may require you to get up earlier, yet they may provide the focus that turns into a launching pad for a more effective morning.

Gifting yourself a more effective morning helps you feel better about yourself. That often leads to better choices during your afternoon.

How can you nurture yourself tomorrow morning so that you get your own launching pad to a more effective morning?

Might getting up a few minutes early to prepare and drink your favorite beverage kick start your day?

Your choice to nurture yourself in one moment helps you throughout the day.

In fact, nurturing yourself carries forward from day to day.

For example, a bedtime routine that includes a 15-minute meditation positions you for a better night’s sleep and prepares you for a stronger start to the next morning.

How can you nurture yourself tonight at bedtime?

Might getting ready for bed a few minutes earlier give you time to prepare for a better night’s sleep that prepares you for a slightly better tomorrow?

Caring for yourself is important for many reasons – including that you are your biggest asset! Including that you are a unique asset for the world!

As you nurture yourself, you’ll see the results in your personal growth.

By the way, do you want to learn how to encourage yourself to move forward?

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