Sometimes there are days that for one reason or another every trivial activity seems to have a burdensome feeling attached. Wondering why, I shrug and think or rather know that it probably has more to do with my attitude. But of course in the moment that helps me not. I remembered a story someone told me about a guy who busying himself weeding and taking care of a vegetable garden, carries on and when he rests later he knows that the weeds and bugs will still be at work against his efforts. But then in time he gets to enjoy the fruits of his efforts.
Isn't that a lot like nurturing young lives into the world? And plants? Or taking care of a pet? May seem a chore to feed and care for but will be rewarded by the creation and companionship it offers? Responsibility of attending to the daily routines and lifestyle activities that enable a more comfortable life can be the rewards. The witnessing of development and change is an activity even if only on a mental level. Depression or a state of discord can grow by not accepting and acknowledging the everyday menial or routine. Possibly acceptance can develop a better sense of contentment about being alive. It may be a misdirected belief that a rainbow has a pot of gold at the end. When in fact living life itself can, if one looks for it, be the rainbow. Shakespeare's King Lear said, “reason man, not the need! Man's basest beggars are in the poorest ways superfluous” (seek to gain comfort or pleasure even in the most seemingly trivial ways) Helen Keller (deaf,dumb,blind) put it this way: “ I discern all the verities and realities of my existence, the bliss of growth, the glory of action, the spirit of beauty.”
Even the simple use of our minds is an active force. Albert Einstein is quoted as saying "Imagination is everything. It is a preview of life's coming attractions." Perhaps throughout the day we are distracted from our course of activity and purpose by undesired events that prove to alter our frame of mind to a less desirable, less functioning state of awareness. But I believe we do have the power to re-engage our pursuits and continue back on our desired path. Sometimes the problems or negative influences that affect us can easily be changed simply by asking a simple question: What is the positive in all this? If we allow even the most seemingly trivial positives a mental acknowledgement then we have changed our focus and perspective. Are we not more functional when in a positive frame of mind? For example the use of cliches like 'water off a ducks back' or 'don't sweat the small stuff.' We can if we choose, empower ourselves.
It can be not so far as arms length that the positive or desirable effects of our existence and efforts manifest themselves; likewise are the negative if we look for them. Where the rainbow lies is our manner and personality, perhaps even our identity. The collage of variables occurring at a given time have much to do with the 'having a good or bad day.' Choices seem to be existent always regardless of how seemingly invisible. How we choose to regard those choices can be a hugely active force.

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G.Thomas was educated at the University of Toronto and has experienced involvement in many belief system practices throughout the years. He has experience as a counselor and has worked in the retail health food industry. Presently he pursues writing and managing a website which is about Self Improvement; human thoughts, perceptions and perspectives relating to this area. For more info visit