In the modern-day world, we often hear this word called Autoimmune disease but not many of us know what exactly this it. In day to day life, to our surprise, we hear that an acquaintance of ours is suffering from an Autoimmune disease and wonder how they got one. So, if you are here to know something about Autoimmune disease and what can you do to heal it, you are on the right blog post. Let us dive in and explore the various topics related to it. Shall we?

What is Autoimmune Disease?

Talking non-scientifically, Autoimmune disease is a disease where your soldier body cells attack your civilian's body cells. Now taking a scientific and medical look upon the situation, when a person suffers from an Autoimmune disease, his/her body’s immune system develops an unimaginable tendency to produce auto-antibodies that start attacking the healthy cells and tissues of the body, leading to serious health conditions. Normally, your body’s immune system has the ability to differentiate between healthy and infectious cells, but in this disease, the body loses its ability to differentiate between the good cells and the bad cells.

Symptoms indicating one’s chances of having an Autoimmune Disease.

● Fatigue in a healthy person.

● Feeling nauseated.

● Skin irritation & redness.

● Low concentration levels.

● Low and sustained fever.

● Bodyache.

● Constant sore throat.

● Hair fall increases gradually.

● Muscle fatigues and distortion.

Foods you should definitely avoid in Autoimmune Disease.

Protein “G” - A big NO-NO…!!

Do you love pasta? Do you love sandwiches? Well, then you might have to subscribe out of these diet regimes. That’s because Gluten present in them intensifies and exaggerates the Autoimmune syndrome. This complex protein which is derivated mainly from grains like wheat, barley, maze etcetera complicates the autoimmunity even further. So to avoid the antibody production in your body, try to stay away from these products from at least an arm’s distance.


Quinoa is considered a pseudocereal product of nature because its thallus is not grassy like wheat or rice. Quinoa disintegrates in our stomach and releases a protein called Saponin which has been known to destroy the mucous cells which form the lining of the stomach. This can trigger an autoimmune response in individuals who are in the starting stage of an Autoimmune disease.

Dairy is not your friend.

People suffering from an Autoimmune disease are likely to suffer from dairy products such as milk, curd, cheese, etc. because of Caesin protein they contain. Caesin is known to cause inflammation in individuals who suffer from autoimmunity. Inflammation is known to produce more auto-antibodies which will eventually cause blunders.

Solanaceae - Nightshades will keep you shady.

The plant family or sub-group called Solanaceae, nicknamed Nightshades which consists of plants like tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, peppers, bell peppers, potato, brinjal can cause a lot of problems for patients suffering from Autoimmune syndrome. This is so because of simple alkaloids or nitrogenous toxic materials that their skin contains. Consumption of these alkaloids will trigger an inflammation response within internal organs and will cause the abundant auto-antibodies to form inside the patient's body, leading to a critical health condition.

Sugars and Complex carbohydrates.

I hope you are not astonished to see that sugar is on this list of foods to avoid. You may read or hear somewhere that organic sugar will not cause damage, but organic or industrial, sugar is still sugar. On a regular and sustained consumption of sugar, one’s body will produce an immune response and the body’s pancreas and insulin will not work simultaneously in harmony, causing a full-fledged autoimmune trigger to occur.

The best way of avoiding these food products is maintaining a health diary which will help you keep a day to day track of your eating regimes. Keeping a health diary helps you to stay motivated and positive which is the key to cure any disease.

5 Best Nutrients for Autoimmune Diseases.

● Vitamin D - your immune system’s guiding light.

Vitamin D is an important vitamin for treating the immune system’s responsiveness issues. As mentioned above, in an Autoimmune disease, the immune system loses its ability to differentiate between alien antigens and the body’s healthy cells, this is where Vitamin D comes into the role. Vitamin D aids the immune system to distinguish between foreign disturbances and the body’s inbound healthy cells. The lifestyle we are living in today’s modern-day world, we are constantly losing our contact with this wonderful Vitamin, and things which should be blamed are sunscreens and poor diet which lacks in Vitamin D. There are many eatables which you can use to have a fluent flow of Vitamin D, such as beef liver, egg yolks, seafood, sockeye salmon, etc. Also, try having a sunbath in the sun for about 10-15 minutes daily. Besides that, you may opt for taking Vitamin D supplements, just confirm your doctor before taking them.

● Zinc.

Zinc is another important vitamin, which if deficient, can cause the body to be prone to things that trigger autoimmunity. Zinc helps in the healthy and abundant production of WBCs which prevents the body from foreign pathogens from entering the body and thus it prevents the immune system to act in any way which is not beneficial for the human body. Shellfish, nuts, spinach, and legumes are a legitime and organic source. If you want to ice the cake then chew and swallow 8-10 pumpkin seeds daily for fulfilling the Zinc needs of your body. Also taking Zinc supplement tablets will help a person if they are not able to cover all the zinc needs from routine dietary intake. Deficiency of zinc will lead to an inflammation of thymus which will be chronic and this condition will eventually lead to unbalanced immunity which is a direct cause of an Autoimmune disease.

● Glutathione.

This nutrient falls under the category of antioxidant. Glutathione is the most influential and controlling antioxidant. Glutathione itself works as an antioxidant without the need of any other catalyst or supporting chemical reactions. Along with working on its own, it also regulates and osmoregulates the functions of other antioxidants in the human body. As an antioxidant, it detoxifies the body to get rid of toxic components which have the ability to inflame the internal organs, targetting the breakdown of Autoimmunity. Things known to raise the Glutathione are mostly sulfurous foods such as garlic, onion, shallots, and bean sprouts.

● The third subtype of Omega.

Unfortunately, the present-day American diet includes innumerable unsaturated fats and badly lacks the high yielding and beneficial animal fats like Omega-3. A deficient Omega-3 level fails to resist the antibody production and thus gives rise to Autoimmunity. We should recognize that nature does not have a tendency to produce unhealthy fats, but factories do have the tendency to do so. The best sources of Omega-3 around you are Ghee or clarified butter, butter, coconut tree oil, palm fruit oil, avocado, and its oil etcetera.

● Selenium.

This may sound an odd one, but this is one of the most important nutrients. It has the ability to control autoimmune attacks with the help of treating inflammation of the internal organs. Not much people are aware of this nutrient but they should be because the deficiency of this nutrient is causing Autoimmunity in many individuals. The abundant source of Selenium around you is tuna fish, oysters, Brazilian nuts, eggs etcetera.

Steps to help you take back your health.

● Maintain a health diary, so that you have a detailed track of your daily food and nutrition intake.

● Maintaining a health diary with medical conditions like blood pressure and blood sugar will help you track your improving health and will keep you motivated.

● Boycotting highly unsaturated fats like peanut oil, cottonseed oil etcetera.

● Sustaining a positive mindset throughout the treatment.

● Sustaining the care even after the autoimmunity is healed.

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