Joint replacement surgery, be it for hips, shoulders, knees, or ankle, is considered to be a major and big surgery. Once the surgical procedure is done on our bodies, having proper rest and nutrition is the key to regain strength and stamina back. Findings from a recent study show that for osteoarthritis patients, intaking proper nutrition, followed up with an effective exercise program, will make a faster recovery following the surgery. But, there are many cases when it gets neglected by the people.

You people need to understand that without proper nutrition, our bodies don’t get the adequate fuel to repair itself. Right after the surgery is done, there are so many processes going in within the body all the day and night to heal itself. But, it can’t be done right if there is short in any area of nutrition. In fact, having such a case can too leave a person with the feeling of sluggish and wondering when and how will he or she heal completely.

One thing that you all need to understand is following a joint replacement surgical procedure; it not at all right to decide to consider a diet or shed the weight. The reason is simple – it is a time when the body needs all the calories to make the repair process as quick as possible.

The following mentioned below are the nutrients that are going to be required in every meal in order to ensure proper and optimal nutrition intake.


There are different types of carbohydrates out everywhere that are needed. Having them is going to fuel the body in general. In fact, this way, your body is not going to run short on glucose, and the muscles are going to be resorted. A human body is going to start stripping body muscles through its protein source. Know that carbohydrates such as potatoes, pasta, vegetables, oatmeal are the common types that are out there and should be intake properly.


Whenever it happens to fat, you must know there are good as well as bad types of fats. At such times, almonds and some other types of nuts make a really great source. In addition to this, fishes also have a good amount of fats in it. A human body needs these fat sources to aid the human system with hormone regulation and many other things too.


A human body can get proteins from different sources and foods. Yogurt, eggs, milk, cheese, cuts of beef are some of the best, among others. Today, there are different protein powders in the market, too, that can be mixed with water or fat-free milk to aid the healing process further. According to healthcare professionals and many orthopedic surgeons, there are many of the patients who don’t take the right amount of protein to speed up the recovery process and strengthen the body further. You people should know that the protein requirements are different depending on the body weight and many other aspects. At such a time, it is recommended to have a check with your surgeon, and they will be able to guide you the best.

Having these nutrients in the right amount can have a huge impact on the person’s recovery process following joint replacement surgery. Just know that – it is important to watch your appetite too, as it is going to slow down to the point where a person will have to force himself or herself in order to keep up with the body's needs. It would be a great check with your registered dietician and surgeon to further details in this matter. Other than these, consuming adequate water is important to ensure there is no dehydration sort of thing. Thus, understand that by giving your body the right nutrients and proper fuel, it is going to heal quickly. In case, you have any doubts or concerns about it, have words with the best orthopedic doctor in Chandigarh because he is going to guide you with the best knowledge.

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