It is a positive to have information about nutrition and it is really helpful to understand what sort of food is good for you, what is bad and how much quantity should we consume to remain fit and healthy. We can define some balanced nutritional mixes to make our meals more energizing.

We should embed proper meals with regular exercise to get rid of extra fats, carbohydrates and cholesterol. This would avoid the risk of health problems, with more effective immune system and proper digestion of food. Also it would provide a lot of positive energy which we can utilize in performing extra amount of work.

However, as we know that excess of everything is bad we should not be so obsessed with nutritional facts and number of calories that, deciding all about food becomes equal to attaining the impossible. Such obsession is very devastating as one may become frightened and insecure to an extent that he would probably not eat anything.

Food consciously is a good thing but there are people who talk too much about food myths and are usually confused so much in this respect, that they end up wasting more time than they require for having a proper meal.

Few examples many believe that diet soda is better, as it contains less calories, but according to latest research diet cola leads to more weight gain reason being it has more artificial sweetening chemical in it. So, increased use of diet cola can lead to metabolic syndrome or type-2 diabetes.

When it’s all about food news you are up with more nasty surprises for your lunch plate panic, every day. One of them can be the confusing myth that the red meat triggers cancer, but there are no scientific proofs found till now , if really there exists a relationship between red meat and cancer.

The most amazing fact is the story about the relationship of salt and high blood pressure. There is no reason for you to avoid salt if you do not have high-blood pressure. If you are already hypertensive and “salt sensitive” at the same time, then this may be the solution for you. In fact for such people using potassium rich food is recommended as broccoli spinach banana and potatoes.

A lot of information about nutrition, based on new researches has been put forward each day. In order to simplify things you need to eat natural and simple food and avoid complicated, less ingredient rich recipes. Trying out some new dishes with maximum number of nutritious components, high fiber and protein can be favorable in this regard.

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