Figs will be the top form of alkaline fruits. Figs have in them a number of qualities and assist tremendously in alkalizing the body. They may be eaten raw or is often additional to any recipe. Dried figs are also alkaline and one may even add then to half a glass of warm water to hydrate them. But given that figs are laxative fruits also it is advisable to not have more than a handful in a very day.

The fig is really a native of Asia Minor and spread earlier towards the Mediterranean region. It really is a plant of particularly ancient cultivation and was grown in Egypt approximately 4,000 BC. It has been utilised as a principal food inside Mediterranean countries for thousands of years. The primary areas of fig cultivation in India are Pune in Maharashtra, Srirangapatnam in Karnataka, Lucknow in Uttar Pradesh and elements of Gujarat.

The fig occupies a high position between fruits. Soft, sweet and pulpy, this delicious fruit promotes health. It really is a pear-shaped hollow fruit, with sugary pulp along with a large amount of small seeds of golden color sticking to the wall in the cavity. It's variable in size and color. The ripe fresh fruit is juicy, wholesome and delicious. Nevertheless, getting hugely perishable, it if offered from the world markets in its dry form.

An analysis in the fresh fig exhibits it consists good level of moisture and minor protein, fats and carbohydrate. The dry fig includes a high nutritive value. Its most important food aspect is sugar which forms 51 to 74 per cent with the whole fruit. It is usually used in various means, both by by itself or in mixture with other foodstuffs enrich their food value. When used with white flour, it removes much of its constipating impact. It combines extremely well with milk. Figs are sometimes employed for preparing cakes and jams. They are also produced into pudding.

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