Oh My G-Spot!

What is the G-Spot? Do you know? Do you know where it is? Now days it seems if you are not a G-Spot expert you are just not the lover you think you are. Funny thing many women don’t know either. They are pretty sure they have one and they have been told that G-Spot orgasms are mind blowing. And, Boy Oh Boy, do they want one!

Making her happy, satisfying her completely, does not have to be a mystery. For years even finding the clitoris eluded some men. Lack of good sex education and the un-evolved man being the culprit. Now, with better education and a more aware man making her happy isn’t a mission impossible.

The G-Spot is named after Dr Ernst Grafenberg, a physician who in 1950 found a very sensitive spot inside the vagina. Until then the clitoris was considered the only way to get a woman to orgasm. In the 1980s sexologists discovered the stimulating the G-Spot produced a very powerful orgasm. As a result, finding and properly stimulating the G-Spot has become the apex of satisfying women.


There is still some debate about the existence of the G-Spot. However the most recent thought is that it is a continuation of the clitoris along the vagina a couple of inches then straddling it. The G-Spot is a bean shaped area about the size of a quarter. This would seem to be the area where the internal clitoris is very close to the wall of the vagina. The clitoris is made of spongy material, similar to the tissue of the penis. As the woman becomes aroused the tissue fills with blood and presses against the wall of the vagina making that area very sensitive. This are is straight back from the clitoris about an inch or so along the upper wall (belly button side) of the vagina.


So, what do you do with it? How do I make it make her explode? With your lady laying on her back insert your index finger into her vagina, a the way in, and make a fingertip scratching or tickling motion. When the woman is fully aroused, so foreplay, you should feel an area that has a different feel. When you find it she should react with an ooo or ahh or “That’s the place” It feels good! A couple of warnings. The G-Spot is sensitive so gently, and no actual scratching. (Check your nails). If she does not react, as her if she feels anything. You may need to apply a little more pressure. The tissue that you are looking for is outside of the vagina. If you are not getting a reaction you might try pushing down and massaging the mons pubis, the area just above the pubic bone. Some women are aroused to the point of multiple orgasms while others don’t get as much pleasure and some find it uncomfortable. The thickness of the vaginal wall is a factor. Younger women have thicker vaginal walls so may not get as much pleasure as older women. Vaginal walls are influenced by estrogen levels.


To get the orgasm you are looking for requires a rhythmic tapping or rubbing motion. Using that crooked finger you found it with, a firm tapping motion is often successful. There are many toys, dildos and vibrators, that are designed with the G-Spot in mind. With penetration intercourse finding the position or angle to cause the penis to rub or bang against the G-Spot is the key. Among those positions that seem to have greater effect are the Doggie and Cowgirl (woman in top). By inserting a pillow under her butt or using some sex furniture like a ramp, lifting her off the bed, produces a better angle for the Missionary position. Much of the fun comes from exploring.

If you don’t want to actually find it but want to use it, make sure you are using a position that allows the penis to come into contact with the upper wall of the vagina. Combine that with lots of foreplay and the ability to maintain a rhythm and you might just become the next great sex god. Small g for G-Spot.

Author's Bio: 

Tom Blair,

Neural Linguistic Practitioner


Sex and Relationship Coach

Internationally read author.

Retired Educator