If you are obese, you know the emotional pain that is associated with being overweight. The United States of America has one of the highest obesity rates in the entire world. Along with the physical aliments that may come with obesity, you may experience a wide range of emotions. Anxiety can also occur when struggling with obesity. Let's take a look at a few obesity facts and how they can contribute to the emotional side of obesity.

In a nation where you are surrounded by beautiful thin people in many different social media situations, there is a huge demand to be thin. However, one obesity fact tell us that this same nation has one of the highest obesity rates in the entire world. Individuals who are obese in the United States not only have to deal with their own internal negative self-thoughts, but the hurtful words from others as well. Many times young children that suffer from obesity also endure bullying at school. Many young people are very into stars and fashion icons that tell them that being thin is the way to get what you want. This further reinforces their negative thinking. Children and adults that suffer from obesity may have many negative thoughts about not being good enough. This can be a daily struggle for them.

Another obesity fact is that some forms of obesity are genetic while others comes from environmental and emotional origins. Shame is a very common emotion that is felt by those that have developed obesity through overeating. Overeating usually takes place during times of emotional upset. These binge eating episodes can be embarrassing. Many people tend to not tell others of their struggles with food. This can lead to an internal battle within themselves. Many times just talking with someone who understands can make a huge difference in that person's life.

Some believe that people who have an unhealthy relationship with food and are classified as being overweight have a higher rate of anxiety. Not all people with obesity have anxiety as well, but those that do have anxiety find it difficult to be in social places. This could be due to their own internal feelings of not being adequate. They may also feel that others are talking about them while they are out in public. Learning to love yourself despite your size is one of the top areas to learn during treatment.

If you struggle with obesity then using a method of dieting that does not focus on weight, but rather on loving yourself is important. By using a non-diet approach to weight loss you can begin to lose the weight in a natural and healthy way. On top of that, you will begin to develop a healthy relationship with food and yourself.

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