Obesity in today’s society has reached mega proportions and one has to ask. Why?

To some extent I empathize with parents today, for one reason only! The following will explain. It all begins with ‘do-gooders’, we all know the type, they know better than anyone else. Slowly over the past 30 years, the reigns have been taken away, not just from the parents, but the teachers too.

An example: We were out having lunch and a young couple with two children were sitting on the next table. The youngest child could not be controlled, for now parents can not even gently slap their children (yes, slap, gently but firmly) NOT beat! Words are easy and in most cases are not enough, to tell the child in no uncertain terms, that they are misbehaving and it will not be tolerated.

There should be fundamental differences with parents and children, teachers and children, otherwise how do they learn values, and right from wrong, which will subsequently take them into society.

Tables have turned, the children control the parents, therefore they eat what they want (obligatory chips) crisps etc. The children in question would not even eat a lettuce leaf, or meat, only the chips, hence OBESITY!

Obesity starts at a young age and during the past 30 years clinical obesity amongst children and adolescents has escalated to preposterous proportions. It will take generations to get it sorted out.
Therefore, it has to be tackled now, for these youngsters don’t know any different. Parents and teachers need to be re-educated in cooking skills, to have the knowledge of at least basic nutrition.

Food in today society creates obesity, because too much processed food is ingested, not to mention Trans fat, which is man made. Both of these lead to heart disease and untold problems.

Parents should lead by example and therefore both, but particularly the mother, should learn how to cook. Even if you have to survive on a minimum amount of money, this is not the issue. The issue is what the family eats.

During World War 2, throughout Europe food was in short supply. Yet, people, including children, were not malnourished, nor indeed obese. Skills had to be re-learnt on what to cook and eat.

To stop the purge of obesity, nutritious meals have to be cooked and served on a daily basis. The plate should be 2/3 carbohydrate, 1/3 protein. Lunch boxes, should not be packed with cakes, crisps and burgers, but a sandwich made from Wholewheat bread, with various filling, fruit and maybe a yoghurt.

Never, allow your child/children to leave the house without having breakfast, for this is the most important meal of the day.

Teachers can play their part, together with politicians. To stop obesity now, bring back exercise, some kind of sporting activity into the school curriculum.

Another reason why obesity has taken hold is because children and teenagers do not get exercise at home.

Sitting in front of the television or computer for hours on end, is not good for anyone’s health or wellbeing. Humans need fresh air (although that is beginning to be scarce) Nonetheless, outside, taking a walk or whatever, playing or interacting with their friends will give them the social skills required to take themselves into society.

Below is a guide to the direct effects of paediatric and adolescent obesity, which are well established.

1. Kidney disease
2. Asthma
3. Sleep patterns- all over the place
4. Gallbladder disease
5. Pancreatitis
6. Eye Disease
7. Nerve Damage
8. Type 2 diabetes
9. Hypertension
10. Various gastrointestinal disorders
11. Various skeletal and orthopaedic problems

The human body has been swollen out of all proportion. Once obesity begins to take hold, it slowly but surely shortens a persons life. No longevity for them.

It is time to change society for the better by eradicating obesity.
Children are precious, literally a gift from god. Therefore adults need to teach them right from wrong.

If children are given the proper guidance and support they will not grow into obese teenagers, making them isolated because of their size. Give them a chance to LIVE and THRIVE.

Say NO to OBESITY now! Choose to be healthy and strong and teach your children the correct way to eat.

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Nina Bagnall is the author of Looking Good Feeling Great Ladies 50 and over, also writes ebooks and audios for health and wellbeing. Knowledgeable in Natures Cures- Why not get your ‘FREE” consultation now? Her website "Life is a Journey" was created to help, encourage, persuade and enlighten all who visit.
Born and raised in Staffordshire, England. Nina was educated at a private convent school. She is married with two daughters.