If you are constantly obsessed with food, by depriving yourself of what you enjoy; then the changes are that you will actually never win the battle of trying to lose weight. Every time I said to myself “Right I am going on a Diet! I would suddenly have this strong desire to have something deliciously fattening and I would crave over this, until gave in to my cravings and failed miserably to go on a diet.

It is no good depriving yourself of what you enjoy, as this will only make life harder for you to change any of your habits. The best way to start out is to learn to meditate, either in a room of calming classical music, or just listening to the very quiet noises around. Then visualize how you would like your body to look. This really needs to be set in your brain by seeing yourself wearing a slim fitted dress of trousers and seeing yourself walking around with ease and comfort.

You need to keep visualizing this person, so that she comes up as soon as you want her to come up, because she is your reminder of how you want to look in the future. Keep her active in your memory, so that you can retrieve her when you may need her help. She is you, the way you want to look and she must help to guide you through the difficult times. So don’t lose track of her, keep her in your thoughts and see how happy she is as a slimmer woman.

Changing your lifestyle is about becoming more active, rather than changing your eating habits. Think about taking a walk around the block first thing in the morning. Invite someone to join you, whether it is one of your family, or a neighbor. By having a companion, will mean a commitment to continue the process until it forms a habit; then the walk can either be increased in length, or repeated again in the evening.

Try taking a container of neutral water, because you will become thirsty with exercise and you will need to hydrate your body. Stay away from sugary drinks, because your body yearns for neutral water. It does not need acidic sugary drinks, which will not quench your thirst.

Try to stick to three meals per day and no snacking in between. If you must eat something in between meals, then chop up a piece of fruit. Your body does not require any more than three meals per day and your last meal should not be later than 700pm; so that your body has time to digest the food before you go to bed. Then try having another walk after your meal in the evening, so that you feel sufficiently tired to be ready to go to bed.

You have now changed your lifestyle by introducing 2 walks each day and modified your eating pattern so that you only eat 3 meals each day, with no snacking in between, except for a piece of fruit such as a sliced apple or pear if you are hungry. This is a much better way to change your lifestyle, by introducing a positive activity and substituting snacks with something that is better for you to eat.

Changing your lifestyle does not mean making dramatic changes and feeling deprived of something that you enjoy eating. It is about learning to make adjustments to improve on your physical activity first, then trying to look and modify the types of food you eat; so that you learn to enjoy healthier foods in your diet.

Once you have achieved these beginning changes, you can experiment with looking for better quality foods and focus less on convenience food, which contain more unhealthy fats and sugars. Eating better quality meats, fruits and vegetables are the better route for a healthy diet.

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