Football in the United States is more than a culture, it is an institution. It is a complex game with many rules and regulations. But on the outside, it seems like a simple matter of passing the ball until it gets to the other end of the field. To say Americans remain obsessed with football might sound like an overstatement; after all, they have their baseball, don’t they?

Bonding with a game

Men remain caught up in their games because it forms the basis for their daily lives. It is like this. You cannot play a game unless you wear a sports uniform and to wear that uniform you must belong to that team. The sports uniform is as tough as the stance the players take. Ask the football uniforms manufacturers and they will tell you how much effort goes into making each uniform. It has to last through the season - it is like the principles that critics pick to pieces.

Learn the game young

We do take some time to understand football well. Sometimes, the football field seems like a political battlefield because of the big names involved in the battle. So, why does a simple game involving eleven players a side become so complicated? It has to do with the exposure Americans receive to football right from their birth. And, of course, like most other games, it has its own terminology that will sound like a lot of nonsense to a layman.

Use of football terminology

Things like empty backfield, fourth and inches, trips left, and third and long will make up an entire mystery novel to the imaginative layman. America is a macho nation and a good Christian. Since every part of nature is a gift from God, it makes sense to use them in a positive way. So, how does one use third and long? Do we cut it to make the long part in line with the rest? Or, do we move to the second? And what happens when one trips left? Do they fall down?

Importance of loyalty to team colors

You can see why Americans remain embroiled in a situation that is specific to their country alone. No one else will make sense or even try to not trip right. The thing that keeps the game together is their jersey. They get it from the manufacturers at the beginning of the season. The football jersey manufacturers make these uniforms to exacting standards. They must make it of a material that withstands a certain amount of tugging and pulling. It must remain comfortable and so the chosen material is soft.

Children learn (alongside baseball) how to throw and receive the oval-shaped football. It is just after they learn to walk. Many of them turn in that direction instead of trying to find the way to school. Maybe that is why we have so many good football players. And, that is not so bad a thing at all. Learning the rules when one is young helps one to follow them when one is older. After all, what is more exciting than seeing a punt returner take one to the house?

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