To overcome barriers in the way of employment is extremely essential to reduce the inequality gap that has plagued the society economically as well as psychologically. To ensure a healthy work environment based on values and respect, understanding barriers to employment and its constitutes will go a long way in increasing employable opportunities.

Individuals with disabilities have always been discriminated against. This has always been a fact, however, there is a distinct change in the scenario over the past decade. Various rules and regulations under the banner law of 'Personal Responsibility and Work Opportunities Reconciliation Act and Ticket to Work legislation', and the 1995 Disability Discrimination Act has helped in building support system and services to enhance employment access and job retention for disabled persons.

The proverbial 'glass ceiling' still stands true, especially for ethnic women and women from minority communities, world over. The fact that gender stereotyping and employment barriers still occur is a sad truth. There are many laws in place that can be used by women to ensure that their right to be employed is not infringed upon.

Other major roadblocks felt by this section of the society is the lack of benefits and special resources at workplace that can allow them to work. Under Supplemental Security Income or Social Security Disability Insurance, man-to-man with mental illness and disorders do get income benefits.

Obstacles to employment also include absence of certain unenviable personal characteristics such as social skills, integrity, professionalism and other soft skills. Both formal and informal forms of barriers need to be recognized and removed. Within an organization, it is the primary responsibility of the human resources department to work in coordination with others to analyze the impact and implications of specific employment practices to ensure that the work environment is healthy and socially responsible without infringing on its basic motto of earning profits. While the government and organization work together to remove these social barriers, it is also the responsibility of an individual to remove personal obstacles to employment.

History of an employee can also be an obstacle in the way of employment. If the candidate has any past criminal record then the company or organization may reject his/her employment application. If the employee does not fulfill the per-requisites of the organization then also he/she may be not get the job. Many companies check the employee's past or background life before providing a job in their organization. Employment history criminal background checks are becoming common in the business world. The companies are suspicious of candidates with criminal records. An employer ensures that they get entire details of a new individual. The criminal background check report enables the company to confidently hire new employees .

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