Since curing my own anxiety, OCD and agoraphobia over 14 years ago, myself and my team of counselors, psychologists and anxiety recovery specialists have helped over 155,000 people worldwide to find the freedom they so desperately deserve.

Over the last 15 years we have seen a steady increase in the prevalence of OCD which does fall in line with increases in global economic changes and other stress inducing factors, but which also follows the theories I have developed over the years, which highlight the interaction between humanity’s quickly developing creative intellect and the anxiety response. The more creatively capable we become, the greater the predisposition to developing OCD and other high anxiety conditions.

As human social evolution makes us more intellectually capable, our bodies, which have not evolved at the same rate, are still producing flight or fight responses more appropriate to a hunter/gatherer lifestyle than to modern life. When a person with higher level creative ability experiences an anxiety response, often called flight or fight, their creativity activates and cycles powerful and anxiety provoking ‘what if’ thoughts through their minds. These ‘what if’ risk assessments cause the sufferer to come up with some pretty catastrophic scenarios and it is this cycle of fear causing symptoms and thoughts and symptoms and thoughts causing anxiety that causes OCD.

What if I don’t wash my hands 50 times? What if I don’t check the door twice? What if I don’t repeat this mantra? Questions like these cycle in the OCD sufferer’s head every waking moment and it is these ‘risk assessments’ that perpetuate the sufferer’s suffering.

But at the core of OCD is anxiety and anxiety is an emotion, not an illness. Often classified as mentally ill, OCD sufferers are often provided with medication and therapies that don’t help.

We don’t claim to be the ‘be all and end all of anxiety knowedge’ but we have helped tens of thousands of people to recover and myself and my team have first hand knowledge of our own suffering and recoveries and the unique insight into the lives of many thousands of sufferers we have helped.

We have worked with thousands of OCD sufferers from around the world through our Home Learning programmes, Retreats and Workshops and without exception, when we cure their core anxiety condition, the risk assessments stop and the OCD and all symptoms and thoughts melt away permanently. That’s just the way the brain works.

I believe the marked increase in the visibility of OCD as a condition is because of a number of factors. An increase in the number of sufferers because of rising stress levels, a rise in the pre-disposition to develop the disorder due to human social evolution and also a decrease in the ‘suffer in silence’ ethos’ of previous generations who prefer to keep such matters private.

Charles Linden

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Anyone who knows anxiety disorder as a sufferer or a carer will know the names Charles Linden and The Linden Method. Charles' international reputation has blossomed over the last decade and now he is widely regarded as a world authority on anxiety conditions such as panic disorder, OCD, generalized anxiety disorder and PTSD. The Linden Method has been used by anxiety sufferers on every continent of the world in English, German, Danish and Spanish language versions.

Charles is author and contributor to a number of magazines, newspapers, radio programs and audio and DVD video series. Charles is also a TV presenter and contributor to national TV series.

"If you believe that anxiety can't be cured, if you believe that it is something you have to learn to live with; I can assure you that you are totally wrong. Anxiety disorder is a maladjusted 'anxiety thermostat', we show you how to adjust it back down to 'normal' it couldn't be easier"
Charles Linden

Charles Linden (BA Hons.) has, to date, provided anxiety elimination and lasting relief to 130,000+ clients from around the world. Born in the UK, Charles worked in visual media with a 5-year break during which he was unable to work due to the overwhelming anxiety, panic attacks, phobias and OCD that he himself suffered from and ultimately eliminated.

Charles has developed a wide range of anxiety elimination material including DVDs, CDs, manuals and Internet media and presents corporate and public seminars. Charles is in house expert for a number of influential newspapers, magazines and web sites and contributes to regular call in programs on a variety of radio stations.

Charles has helped many tens of thousands of sufferers including doctors, psychologists and psychiatrists, personalities from film and TV, singing stars and politicians but most rewarding of all are the young people that have been helped by his methods.

"It is possible to be anxiety free without inappropriate medication and psychotherapy... we just need the opportunity to prove it!"
Charles Linden

Charles Linden