Ocella, the serious complications it causes significantly overweigh the advantages this can produce

There are a majority of women who take birth control pills to avoid unwanted pregnancy and to enjoy their marital life more easily. One such birth control medicine that was once the most popular among the female society in U.S. is what Ocella, marketed by Barr Laboratories Inc. is all about. The array of side effects this can lead to have literally stirred many souls out there who relied on Ocella to lead a better life. The serious damages this can cause in women taking this range from formation of blood clots, diseases of lungs to heart ailments and even incidences of gallbladder diseases were noticeable. The complications over time can also turn fatal; it is thus needed inevitably for women to get educated about Ocella and its “real” side. Just some law articles that can throw light on this finding are as follows…

A report:

Till Feb. 2011, there were more than 6000 lawsuits filed against Ocella and its other forms. These mainly included women who developed blood clots, Lung disorders and had to undertake gallbladder removal. On Feb. 16 2011, there were 5353 cases filed against the misleading sales practice that clearly was against Product Liability Litigation. Many of such cases are still pending in the Southern District of Illinois. The current stats are shocking and enough to give a serious thought before taking this drug. The first trails are touted to begin somewhere in September this year.

Legal theories and lawsuits for Ocella:

More than 1100 females have alleged Ocella for causing serious harm to their wellbeing. All such lawsuits are under trial in the product liability law, where plaintiffs can raise cases in court of law if the product has caused any damage to their lives. These mainly focus on claiming that the manufacturers did not convey to the public about the possible side effects and the tactics were totally misleading. Also, Barr did not disclose the research conducted to FDA, which may have lowered the number of women who suffered the loss significantly.

A law article:

In Oct. 2009, the federal court combined all the cases filed against birth control drugs into one case called MDL or multidistrict litigation. Managed by the Southern district of Illinois this runs under the U.S. District Court now. Many of such cases are still under trial and what the jury verdict will say is something that only time will tell.

Another article:

Published on 27th July 2009, this was reported by Stephanie L. Stalter- Associate, focusing mainly on what makes Ocella different? Ocella, the drospirenone containing drug, which as an ingredient was approved in 2001, is legitimate to be used as birth control pills in U.S. The increased risk of causing elevated potassium level in blood and causing heart ailments pose many health complications to women who use these oral pills. FDA has even reported 50 death cases that were mostly due to the increased potassium level in women who were as young as 17. The number of unreported case is simply startling and has no relevant evidence for calculation.

BMJ in its reports in 2002 reported 40 cases of venous thrombosis or blood clots amongst women who took Yasmin, the generic counterpart of Ocella.

FDA reprimanding Barr against the misleading marketing tactics said that the ‘Goodbye Kiss’ used in promotions was very unrealistic. Drospirenone, which is used in Ocella, can cause serious health complications in women as a result FDA has issued repeated warning letters to put a ban on all the TV commercials and promotions that were misleading viewers.

Since then, many new TV ads were aired but without any involvement from FDA. In October 2010, FDA again revived the misleading practices of manufacturers.

FDA clearly stated that the overall effects of the misleading graphics, visuals and the music are to bring to notice the risks involved. Totally opposite was the conduct which manufacturers used in promoting Yaz (a generic form of Ocella) that used none of these. The warning letter by FDA stated that the ads should be completely ceased and new corrective commercials should be aired. The cost manufacturers paid for this correction was 420 million that greatly helped in curtailing any wrong info about such popular contraceptives.

All such cases are under trial in the court of law and the final verdicts are still unrevealed.

Ocella, that once earned the popularity of being a blockbuster birth control pills in U.S. held a market share of more than 20%. But, what brought a serious downfall in its popularity was series of lawsuits and cases that were filed to bring to the notice of all about the serious consequences this can cause to the wellbeing. Today many law attorneys are helping such innocent victims get justice, but most of the cases are still under process and only the final verdict will help all know what unveils at the end.
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