Creation of a Magnetic Field in You

Jesus Christ:
Opening of the Calyx of Miracles

Energetic Changes on Mother Earth


I am Adamea. I am the cosmic light of creation, the feminine energy, and come from the universe that is called Quadril 5.

As magnetic master I have created so many magnetic lights with my cosmic opposite Adamis. I would like to tell you about this today. Long before you entered this room the energy arrived. In a moment when you enter this room you feel the energy that approaches you. Energy that lives and finds its path, a path directly into your heart. We magnetic lights have the task to supply all universes with magnetic energy.

When the experiment was started in the First Central Universe and so many planets feel into the depth, away from the magnetic divine lines, we received the task to go into the First Central Universe and supply these planets with magnetic energy. Deep fusions have to take place so that magnetic lights from a different universe can stay and assume an energetic form. For these magnetic lights had the task to go into the duality as well. The first magnetic lights who did this were the Elias group. And the being Kryon received a very special task.

But first let me speak about those who perhaps come from our universe Quadril 5. when you went into the duality you were deeply fused with the energies of the angels and the high lights. In each bearing incarnation, when you returned into the First Central Universe, you fused even deeper with angelic beings. Then there was a time when you were in the duality when God's Son was on Earth. You fused with Jesus so deeply there that often, even though you are a Nuni, you could also have come from the Christ Energy. Jesus and Lady Nada have transmitted so much Christ Energy to you that you now feel Jesus much deeper than Adamis and Adamea.

Magnetic energy on your planet, in the magnetic fields and the planetary grid, is still a physical phenomenon for your scientists. And yet this energy is spoken about so much. The magnetic energy is like a catalyst, an accelerator. When it arrives in your soul, your aspects, it accelerates all the energies you have absorbed and has a balancing effect at the same time. The magnetic fields on Earth were the preparation for it was necessary to erect these magnetic fields. It is our task to fetch all the planets back into the magnetic lines with this energy. Many of you who are sitting here have become acquainted with the magnetic love energy a long time ago. For you, too, it served as preparation, for many of you for your personal awakening. The magnetic love energy can, now that SOL'A'VANA has arrived, circulate, connect and balance energies in you even faster. When you absorb magnetic energy, with the love energy and radiant power of your heart, then you create a field that makes it easy for you to absorb and to connect all the energies that follow.

Right now massive, high and light energies are being carried to Earth. Millions of beings are singing to the planetary grid. I would like to tell you what it means when high light beings sing to the planetary grid: It has the deep meaning that an energy that has found its path, is supported, accelerated and at the same time also balanced. As many energies are arriving at this time, SOL'A'VANA in particular, but also the Eleua Energy, more magnetic love energy is required. Because of that I have the task as magnetic master to transmit this magnetic energy to you today, for many of you feel the change of energies on your planet. Many of you have headaches, they feel removed, they sense that something is going on. Through kindling the Holy Grail of Miracles the energy of Lady Gaia has expanded once more, and this you not only feel in your soul, but also in your aspects.

It is a big gift. Even if you have already received this energy it is a gift that we bring you. When you have absorbed the magnetic love energy and leave these rooms the energy will find its path, as by itself your radiance will anchor pillars of light. You take some of this energy with you, to where you go, and enrich the field and Lady Gaia. Today it is a special honor for me that I let the magnetic love energy flow in, beginning at your third eye, along your Antacarana. After that the magnetic love energy will find its path and will circulate more right where you need it. As this is a preparation something else will follow it.

Breathe the light of love, the light of the angels, the high beings, breathe the divinity deep into yourself with SOL'A'VANA. With each breath the expansion increases. Call all your chakras together and let this energy expand into all directions like a sun. Name your original name. Give me, Adamea, the permission to let the magnetic love energy flow in through your third eye, and direct your attention to your third eye now. And thus I now begin to let the magnetic love energy flow in, and full of trust you will receive it.

(Music is played – 'Chevaliers the Sangreal', the soundtrack of 'The da Vinci Code'.)

Take your time to feel how the magnetic love energy finds its path. Kryon accompanies you since the beginning of time. Kryon is fused with the highest angels of the universe. Kryon has created the basis for what is happening. Kryon is a being that loves you with an immeasurability. If it is right for you then say AN'ANASHA to Kryon for his work and what he does.

My task as magnetic master has been carried out. I have created a field for you so that what follows now is possible. Thus I call Jesus Christ for you. I call God's Son and thank you with the magnetic love energy and the words AN'ANASHA.

I am who I am. I am who I have always been. I am who I shall always be. I am Jesus Christ. The son of Divinity. I greet you with the immeasurable love that I feel for you, with the words OMAR TA SATT.

Magnetic love energy is in your merkabah. It accelerates and balances. This is required for that which Jesus will carry out with you now. If you want to, if you are ready, in full intention and love, then I will open the calyx of miracles that is in you. The energies of all your abilities that were brought to you with the 19th aspect are in this calyx. When this calyx is open the energies of miracles will expand in you and embed themselves in some of your aspects with the magnetic love energy. When the calyx of miracles has been activated it is a sign of the times, that the living energy, the heritage of God is ready to flow. But it takes the blessing of Jesus for this energy to be able to find its path into these aspects.

I ask you, I ask each single one of you: Are you ready to accept these energies in yourself? Are you ready for your abilitites, your attributes and your sounds to expand massively? Take a moment and go deep into your divinity. Speak with your soul. Are you ready?

If you are ready call your personal group of angels as well as the golden angel in you. Ask them to prepare some of your aspects for the opening of the calyx. There are moments that are sacred. There are moments full of mystic power and energy. Jesus Christ, God's Son, will open the calyx of miracles with your permission and release the energy. I ask you to stand for this moment that is so holy. Connect yourself with all-that-is. Feel with the heart what is happening in these few moments of your time. Thus we will pour the calyx, the chalice of miracles over you to the most beautiful sounds of the divine Reality.

(Music is played – the soundtrack of the movie 'The Island'.)

The calyx of miracles has been poured over your aspects. Your soul now needs time and space in order to feel these energies in the deepest depth.

At the moment there are intense energy movements on your planet. Jesus Christ loves you so much and I will be with you with each breath. Each step you take you also take with me and my love.

Adamea has spoken about Kryon and thus it is an honor for me to call the being Kryon for you.

I am who I am. I am who I have always been. I am who I shall always be. A NI O'HEVED O'DRACH.


I am Kryon. I greet you as friend. I greet you as friend, brother and sister. I greet each and every one with the words OMAR TA SATT.

At the moment deep vibrations can be felt in the bowels of the Earth. Millions of light beings and angels have made themselves ready and are singing to the planetary grid, to support it but also in order to balance this energy. We do not know when the high point of the ascension will take place, but we have asked the Arcturians to travel to planet Earth and they have done it. These earth movements in the bowels of the Earth mean that Lady Gaia is vibrating with her consciousness as highly as never before. Possibly it will really take only one more octave. The Arcturians are travelling all over the planet and are putting themselves in the important service of the energies. Kryon has joined the singing. I observe and feel the planetary grid and the magnetic fields on Earth. It is my task to balance these vibrations of the planetary grid and to hold the energy even when the time has come to accelerate it.

Thus you have received all kinds of gifts today. Adamea has transmitted to you with her deep love that you pass on the energy. Thus it will be and thus some among you will also feel the energy of the Arcturians deep in their soul. Ground yourselves on all levels. Remain calm and be happy like a child. What happens happens, no matter when it happens.

Thus I, Kryon, with the immeasurable love that I feel for you, say to each and every one: You are the light-house. You are the light and the love. You are more than just human. You are the one who paves the way. Let the energies of the miracles circulate and expand in you. Trust, go into the deepest trust.

Thus Kryon says goodbye with the flowing love


Author's Bio: 

Sabine Sangitar Wenig is a clairaudient medium who, after a long time of preparation for her current task, has founded 'Kryonschool - Spiritual Course of Awakening'.

In addition to her regular work for Kryonschool she gives a public channeling in Rosenheim, Germany, once a month which is also published here and on the Kryonschool website.

The Kryon Festival is a biannual event taking place in Munich, Germany.

You are welcome to visit the Kryonschool website and browse through the channelings, news and information.