October is here and with it are opportunities and influences that
you can use to empower yourself.

The main theme for October 2009 is Preparation.

Below are excerpts from a monthly commentary by Lena and
Jose Stevens, Ph.D, founders of an international school and
consulting firm dedicated to the study and application of
shamanism and indigenous wisdom to business and everyday
life. I find their insights about current events very
revealing and crucial for these changing times.

You'll learn how to eliminate stress and improve your
personal life, relationships, work and health. For the full
commentary, refer to the links provided at the bottom of
this article.

The theme of preparation this month refers to being
prepared for the times to come. When preparing for a hard
long winter, many things need to be considered. It is always
important to know where you are sheltering, to have enough
food, resources, fuel, warmth, projects for long nights,
good books to read, friends nearby etc.

There are major astrological influences beginning at the end
of this month that will affect the planet in a major way
bringing possible chaos and uncertainty and definite change.
Preparedness is crucial, and to prepare well many things
need to be considered.


The choices that you make this month should be ones that are
aligned with spirit. If you are ambivalent and unable to
make a necessary choice, you are in a position of weakness.
Chances are the choice will be made for you from the outside
and possibly not in the way you would choose. It is
imperative that you make your own choices where you need to
and that the choices are never made from a place of fear.

Remember that all things are possible now more than ever as
we have greater access to the void, to the creative source,
to the quantum field. You may be faced with some rather
large choices this month as certain events or situations
arise that require change. Remember to do your research, be
pragmatic and practical, let go of previous expectations, be
in gratitude and forgiveness, and most of all, follow your
heart instead of your head.

It is important to be practical for the present time rather
than be gambling and risk taking for the future. Take it
now, do it now, buy it now, sell it now, quit it now, start
it now. It is never a better time than now.


Conservation is important in any preparation. Know what you
have. Know where your energy is going. Don't buy what is not
necessary even if it is on sale. Be practical. Be
conservative especially with your personal energy. Watch for
situations that are energy leaks. Learn to delegate and
accept help.

October is a time to absorb power and energy, filling up the
reservoir for times to come. Spend time around powerful
places, in doing practices of power, absorb the energy of
the sun and honor all the sources of power around you.
Acknowledge your own inner wisdom and talents as sources of
power for you. Conserve against spending your energy in ways
that does not serve you. Make choices against energy leaks
and for empowerment opportunities.


Intention is big this month. There is a lot of creativity
verging on chaos. The strongest intentions will be the ones
that will manifest. So know what you want and put your
intentions out to spirit. Make sure your intentions are
aligned with spirit and are for you only.

It is not up to you to set intentions for others, you cannot
intend something for another person. You can however intend
for your experience to include others being in your life in
a way that is aligned with spirit and brings you joy and

Having good strong clear intentions is similar to setting a
raft up perfectly aligned to run a rapid with very little
effort. The rapids are out there and they are gnarly. But if
you are prepared with the right intentions, choices and
practices, you will navigate them with very little effort
and they will be thrilling and empowering instead of

Do not consider the limiting beliefs of others
or even your own limited beliefs of the past when setting
your intentions. Remember that anything is possible at this
time as we are moving from one vibrational experience of
life to another much higher one.

Alignment with Spirit

How do you know when something is aligned with spirit or
not? It has to do with the motivation behind your choices.
If the motivation behind your choices are a greater inner
well-being and choosing for your own happiness and what you
know in your heart is right, then you are aligned with
spirit. If the motivation is fear of repercussion from
others, fear of loss, fear of change or placing someone
else's happiness, security and well-being above your own,
you are probably not aligned with spirit. The only exception
here would be a karmic responsibility that you may have with
another person, such as a child, to care for their well-
being. However in those situations, if it is truly a karmic
agreement it would not feel like a burden but rather like a


Take advantage of the movement this month. You may feel more
energized physically as well as observe fewer obstacles to
getting things done. There is movement in communication,
movement in alliances and cooperative efforts, movement in
decisions as well as literal movement as in moving
locations. Some of you may move into a new living situation,
some of you may move offices or jobs or schools, some of you
may move investments and money around. All of this is a
repositioning as a way to become better prepared.

Business, Finance, Projects, Partnerships

This is not the month start something new from scratch but
rather a month to take what you already have and work with
it. The exception would be ending something that needs
completion because it no longer serves or is viable.

Invest in things you believe in. Invest in yourself,
in your own business, in community efforts, in land, in
conservation, in personal growth and education. Move towards
partnerships and alliances from your heart and get support
where before you were going about it alone. There is
strength in numbers and that will become very obvious as we
move more towards a cooperative planet rather than a
competitive one.

If you are moving towards your goals through intentions aligned
with spirit, this could be an incredibly abundant and prosperous
month for you.

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