Ever since its invention, Odoo has made an impactful impression in the market. With over 300 million users, it is known for providing easy access to its applications to global companies. Their applications have helped many firms to grow and flourish in their respective industries.

And if you are a business which has adopted Odoo to manage their business and is looking to expand then we know that you might come across a dilemma.

A dilemma between hiring Odoo developer/freelancers or an Odoo development company for the same.

This blog is going to get you out of this pickle by listing out some of the factors to consider before choosing between Odoo Freelancers and an Odoo development company.

7 Factors to help you make a decision:

Project Size

The project size and scope may vary based on your requirements. And if the scope of the project is massive, then you will need a whole team working towards a common goal for complex requirements.

So, ideally, hiring Odoo freelancers for small projects would be cost-effective providing you with the quality results. But if the project carries a lot of importance & has a wide scope, then going with a proper Odoo development company would be perfect.


Every company has a way of working and a process for different projects.

So, if you with Odoo freelancers, then there might be a scenario where you will need to manage and look into every small aspect of the development process. Wherein, with a suitable Odoo development firm, you can rely on them and can get desired results without much supervision from your side.

Hence, if your firm likes to follow a set of rules and a proper process, then go with a proper development firm.


When it comes to freelancers, they work on multiple projects simultaneously and hence they try to finish the work as soon as possible. On the other hand, any Odoo development company try to build healthy and long-term relationships with clients. Therefore, the Odoo company would develop and work on your project with a keen focus on each and every detail.

One can say that choosing the development firm ensures quality and on-time results with extended relationships.


There is a clear gap between quality and quantity. Just like that, when you opt for a freelance developer, it might be cost-effective. But as a result, you can expect some discrepancies in the results as they work individually. On the other hand, with any development firm, you will find a fair difference in the quality of outputs. In the end, it always stays up to you. You can always go with both the options as per your requirements.

Domain Expertise

When you need a fully customized solution, development firms have the advantage of having different sets of expert developers. Whether you want to develop an integrated solution, or customized software, with development firms you have an added benefit of working with a team with various areas of expertise.


Safety and confidentiality of your project and other details are of utmost important. And organizations have strict policies regarding this. All the members working in the firm are bound to follow the practices to make sure that no sensitive information leaks out.


When your development partner completes the project, it doesn’t end there. Furthermore, you will need support and maintenance from time-to-time. In the instances of any urgent queries, it is worth the extra charges to leverage the extended support for the project from an Odoo development company.

Where to look for an Odoo Developer or an Odoo Development Company?

One can say that hiring a company would ensure real-time results. But for most of the start-ups, the cost is going to be an obstacle. For such instances, you can hire Odoo developer from India. At present, many startups outsource their development needs to India as it an affordable solution.

This development model is cost-effective serving you with quality results. You can leverage the benefits of the largest group of technical and professional talent. As you choose to go with the official Odoo partners the work, you would get is up to the mark.

You can also ensure timely delivery with official Odoo partners. Most reputed Indian development firms will have dedicated teams working on Odoo projects. Which leads to timely delivery within the pre-decided budget.

If you want to hire Odoo developer from India, you can discuss the above-mentioned aspects with them and try to finalize possible ways based on their reply to start the development process. This way, you can get a clear understanding of your development partner to build a long-term relationship.

A qualified Odoo developer will make the most out of the resources offered by Odoo. It will make your process streamlined and more productive. You should opt for a developer or development company that has enough resources to render you the best possible solutions. You would also need support and maintenance services for regular updates. Hence, it is wise to take time and select a developer that helps you to align the work process on a long-term base.

Final Thoughts

There is a different workflow for every type of organization. It’s all about recognizing the difference between the individual freelance and organization services to choose the one that suits your needs.

Author's Bio: 

Maulik Shah is the Founder and CEO of Biztech Consulting and Solutions, a fast growing IT solutions provider specializing in Odoo development company and hire Odoo developer.Maulik is a tech enthusiast and writes about the various Aspects of ecommerce technology.