It’s always about perception more than anything else in the kitchen. Small kitchens can be made bigger. You just need to learn a few things that can help you achieve this.

How do you get started? Certain areas should be your primary target. Of course, adding off white kitchen cabinets is the easiest way of making your small kitchen space feel bigger. However, we’ll also share other practical tips that you can use.

Use color

The first obvious tip is to play with colors. It is a low-cost update that gives your kitchen a new look that makes the kitchen feel bigger. White is the most preferred color for small kitchens that should be made to feel bigger. This is because they reflect light, unlike dark colors that absorb them.

If you don’t want too much brightness, you can install off-white kitchen cabinets , which work similarly to white cabinetry in making the kitchen feel bigger.

Add geometric patterns

There is a buzz about geometric patterns in art and interior design. Everywhere, you’ll find people talking about geometric patterned items. You can use such patterns in your small kitchen to make it feel bigger. However, you should not overdo the geometric patterns in a small kitchen. When you do it right, your kitchen will feel like it’s straight out of the interior design magazine.

Add mirrors

As earlier mentioned, space is all about perception. Adding more mirrors in your kitchen will create room for more reflection of light. Not only will your kitchen feel bigger but also appear classy. However, this also requires that you maintain some degree of neatness in the kitchen. This is because any mess in the kitchen will be mirrored.

Go the minimalistic way

The minimalist world in the kitchen creates more counter space that helps in creating an illusion of more space in the kitchen. You should remove anything that you do not need in your kitchen. Your surfaces should always be clear to make the kitchen feel bigger.

Open shelves

Another option is to use the open shelving approach to create more visible space in the kitchen. Remember, the idea of creating a larger space is to create an illusion that there is more space. Therefore, choosing open shelves is a great way to show the available space. The cabinets that you are installing also need to be perfect. You can install off-white kitchen cabinets for a good look in your kitchen. Ensure that the items you are storing on the shelves are not bulky.

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