When one spends time around people there are likely to be moments when they agree with what they hear. Along with this, there are also likely to be moments when this isn’t the case.

It could be said that this is part of life, and this is partly because they will have their own views. If they were to agree with everything that came out of another person’s mouth, it would probably show that they were unable to think for themselves.

The Next Step

When they agree with what they hear, they might let the other person know, or they might not feel the need to do anything. How they behave can all depend on what another person is talking about.

For example, if someone was talking about something that was close to their heart, so to speak, they could feel the need to speak up. This could then be a time where one will show how passionate they are about this particular topic.

A Different Outlook

If they don’t agree with something, they could have the tendency to let other people know. This could be a sign that they are not someone who holds back in life, and they could even see themselves as being assertive.

At the same time, they may generally prefer to keep their views to themselves, and it may then be hard for people to know whether they agree with them or not. Having said that, their behaviour could be defined by a number of different factors, and this will mean that they won’t have a fixed way of behaving.


However, even when one doesn’t agree with something, it doesn’t mean that they won’t be willing to change their outlook. If they are presented with new information, for instance, they could be happy to agree with what is being said.

In the same way, one may also be happy to change their outlook if they are in a position where they do agree with something. It is then not that they are easily led; it is that they have the ability to think critically.


Alternatively, one might hold onto their views, and it is then not going to matter what information they are exposed to. Other people could then see them as being closed minded or stubborn.

Even so, one could believe that there is nothing wrong with their views, and it will then be natural for them to stand by them. And not only could this have a negative effect on their life, it could also have a negative effect on others.

Another Experience

As well as having moments when they agree with what they hear and moments when they don’t, they can also have moments when they feel offended. When this takes place, they are going to experience a strong reaction to what has been said.

And not only can this take place when they are around others, it could also happen they when go online. Therefore, one won’t need to be around others in order for this to occur, and this could increase their chances of being offended.

Emotional Beings

It could be said that it is relatively normal for one to be annoyed or upset by what people say from time to time. This is part of having the ability to feel; if this wasn’t the case, one would simply be a passive observer.

What they hear would then go over their head and it wouldn’t be possible for them to be affected by anything that takes place. This could be seen as the ideal way to experience life as one would be impervious, but at the same time, it would lead to a cold existence.

One Approach

Once one has been affected by something, they could take the time to reflect on what is taking place for them. This will then give them the opportunity to take responsibility for how they feel and the thoughts that are appearing in their mind.

Through this, one could find that something from their past has been triggered, and they could then begin to settle down. At the same time, one could find that what has been said goes against one of their values.

Speaking Up

In this case, one may decide to talk about why they don’t agree with what has been said, and this may then lead to a discussion. Now, this may lead to a positive outcome or it might not get very far, but one will have taken the conscious approach.

The alternative would be for them to see themselves as a victim, and to believe that the other person has harmed them. One can then come to the conclusion that they are right and the other person is wrong.

The Moral High Ground

It is then similar to what would take place if one was physically harmed by another person, and how this would mean that they have been wronged. However, the only thing it is likely to mean is that another person has said something and they have experienced a strong reaction.

If they were to elevate themselves to a superior position, it would be the same as them walking into a door and then blaming the door for harming them. Ultimately, they chose to walk into the door and so they need to take responsibility for what has happened.

A Choice

In the same way, if one ends up feeling offended it is because they have chosen to be offended. Yet if they are not aware of what is taking place within them, they will believe that it is due to what someone has said.

What this emphasises is how important self-awareness is, as this will make it easier for one to take responsibility for what takes place within them. There will then be no need for them to control what other people say and this will stop them from trying to eradicate free speech.

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