We are living in a day and age where learning new things have never been more natural. As time passes, the final barriers to learning are being taken care of. We have moved from traditional classroom settings to e-learning and are now one step ahead of mLearning. As almost all the content on the web is accessed via mobile, it is surprising that eLearning mobile app have generated much buzz in the industry.

These are a set of advantages for both mobile app users and e-learning entrepreneurs. Now, although the decision to develop a mobile app is a 'very necessary' for you, it is not an entirely straightforward matter.

Once done with the research part, you will end up with a vast list of features that can be included in your e-learning app. The real trick here is to solve and prioritize 'good-to-eaves' as 'must-haves.'

Functionalities of the app that "Absolutely can't do without":

1.Scalability: As the business grows, there will be a higher scope of increment in the total number of users as well. Going without telling, the application requires to opt for new scenarios, new operating system versions i.e., iOS, and Android and can support the addition of the unique feature of the app.

2.Push Notifications: Just like emails and messages that have been no productive or spammy with the past years, push notifications are pushed on the bars of the notifications on the learner's phone. These notifications are the best way to connect straightforwardly with the learners and make them engaged.

Usually, you need to set different ways of sending push notifications. In other words, a certain activity worked out by the learner needs to be the trigger and get the push notification as per that. This functionality can be develop and integrate at the time of eLearning app development.

3.Learner Centric-Design: The mobile application development needs to be done, keeping in mind the sole purpose of the app i.e., eLearning. The end-user experience of the learning app must be utter smooth when it is about the effective delivery of the content. A customer-centric layout helps the student to work and focus on course content, and that needs to optimally lay out across the mobile devices with dimension variations.

Content Management and Delivery System:

1.Offline Content Support: This is definite and must-have a thing for the eLearning app. This functionality enables the users to download the content of the course and access it with convenience. The best and most essential part is, you do not have to worry about the issues of connectivity, slow loading speeds, and battery consumptions. This, in turn, helps them to focus on the actual thing i.e., learning.

2.Micro-learning: As an educator, you need not overlook the fact that these day's learners have a smaller attention span. The smaller amount of data makes sure about the higher receptivity and retention of the information. Through content, that is designed for micro-learning and app which develop or content in the best possible way, and one can dominate micro-learning scene like a professional.

3.Different format of contents: If your learners are there to retain your course information, then traditional dull and boring written lessons are simply not enough. Your course materials can range from written information to podcasts to high definition videos that help create a more immersive experience. And to apply these modern-learning techniques, you need your app to support many different course formats.

Summing up:

When it is about eLearning apps, you have to make the right blend of technology and plan for creating a superior experience of learning for users. The above list of functionalities has all the core features that an app requires. Moreover, above that, it is essential to keep an eye on advanced trends in mobile learning.

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