Where can content creators directly connect with their target audience? It is OnlyFans. The British subscription platform has enabled artists to monetize their work with ease. As a result, ordinary individuals are becoming multi-millionaires. How can entrepreneurs take advantage of this? You can come out with an OnlyFans clone.

How does an OnlyFans like subscription platform powers creators?

  • Set a timeframe - Artists can use the stories option and fix a limit after posting their photos and videos. Likewise, users will be able to see the engaging content only for a specific duration.
  • Formulate a paywall - Netizens need to pay a certain amount before unlocking certain content. Therefore, this guarantees revenue for artists. They would receive a pay-per-view (PPV), subscription fee, and tips from their subscribers.
  • Use the archive option - An OnlyFans clone assists artists to store their content in the archives section. Creators can invoke a sense of nostalgia by recovering their old images and videos and posting them again to the entire world.
  • Pay-Per-Message (PPM) - Undoubtedly, fans can send personal texts to popular personalities. Accordingly, creators can levy a specific charge for every message. Subscribers have to pay a certain amount for every Direct Message (DM).
  • Modify Bio - Artists can get more traffic by using an OnlyFans like subscription platform. However, content creators will get a higher number of followers only by adjusting details on their bio. They can add more characters, adjust their cover photo and profile picture and also manage their privacy settings. Therefore, their popularity will soar.

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