If you are building your home based business and your personal brand, to sustain success you must constantly assess how you serve others by asking yourself, “What value am I providing in the marketplace? What solutions do I resolve for my prospects?”

You are leading others somehow or someway Whether it’s a service you offer or a product, it is imperative to come from a place of service first in order to not only inspire others, but to contribute in a much bigger way to our global community as well. Your home business directly or indirectly should improve the quality of life for others.

If you are new to the on-line arena and your business model makes you feel like you are a hound dog searching for anyone with a pulse to share your business opportunity with, leaving a queasy feeling inside of you, you are not in alignment with your integrity. Success will be a far, endless journey.

Here are some noninvasive, inexpensive ways to start offering value and solutions while connecting with prospects in your business so you don’t come across as that hound dog. You can feel confident in your greater purpose.

Share your story~ This can be done in many ways. Start by peeking at what other leaders in your niche market are writing in their bio’s, on social networking sites, in their article resource boxes, or info section on facebook. This will give you a good idea of what resonates with you, providing you with some ideas to write your own. If you have a blog and/or website post your “story” in the about section for others to read. During this process, don’t compare yourself to others who have achieved greater success, you are merely modeling the masters, not beating yourself because you have yet to achieve their level of success. Know that will come in time.

Recycle Valuable Content~ Depending on the time you can invest when getting started for learning new skills, you can watch training videos, read articles, compare business models, read related materials all of which will provide you with information you can use to assist your prospects. You can recycle the information contributing your authentic take on what you discovered that will provide value. You are not copying others work, you are rewriting or retelling what you believe are the key components that would be helpful. This strategy will provide you content for blogging, article marketing, forum contributions as well as provide proof of your expertise in the marketplace.

Leverage Video~ With the technology we have today we can leverage the power of the internet making ourselves available 24/7 all over the world if our potential prospects have internet access. There are automated systems available which leverage your time alleviating you from those uncomfortable moments you may have been exposed to if you felt like a hound dog in the past.

Again, you can recycle content until you have more personal experiences to share with your prospects. Start by doing a video about who you are, what your mission is, or what you believe in related to your niche market. The more you create videos, the better your skill set will become. This is an extremely powerful tool that you can start using right away. Again, don’t compare yourself to others, it is important to get started. You can compare your second video to your first and continue growing that way celebrating your accomplishments. You can offer value and solutions to others by sharing what you learned along the way. Momentum will begin to flow and you will start attracting the right people to you in your home based business.

Continue to build upon what you already know, learn more and share it with your prospects. Over time you will gain full speed ahead becoming an unstoppable value and solution driven machine.

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Author's Bio: 

Lynn Clarke is a dynamic Home Based Business Owner who formerly taught our youth how to be life long learners. Today, she teaches entrepreneurial parents how to become life long earners working less hours,leveraging the power of the internet through the elite e-learning platform of PRO U and Automatic Millionaire International�. She is passionate about leading others to live a purposeful, fulfilling life paying it forward to our global community.