When you buy office space in Kolkata it can mean many things but generally it is the space where you work and is generally within the business. Some think that a corporate office in Kolkata is the same as an office space but they are not.  A corporate office is an office or group of offices that support the function of the business.  They are usually located outside of where the primary business is.  For example, in a restaurant, it would not be located in the restaurant but in a building somewhere else 

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When you buy this type of space, there can be cubicles, or private offices where employees or employee get work done, meets with clients, makes phone calls, etc.  For example, in a restaurant, there may be a designated space that is considered office spaceIt is used by managers of every shift to do their floor plan, count money and fix register drawers, takes their breaks, etc.

In other businesses, it can come in all sizes and shapes.  Traditional office space may give employees a quiet place where they can shut the door and be completely private with their clients, like in a law office.  If they work in cubicles, such as in a police department or newspaper office, you have very little privacy.  You may be able to overhear other conversations, see people constantly walking by your area, and more.  These cubicles are usually just large enough to hold a desk, a couple of chairs, and maybe a file cabinet with moveable walls.

Corporate office space

The employees that work in a corporate office in Kolkata may provide information technology services, process payroll, or work in human resources.  When employees need questions answered or maybe make changes to their payroll, they would either call them or go to where they are located. 

In some instances, such as a manufacturing plant, the corporate offices will be on the top floor of the building away from the work area.  These are usually the offices where you will find the owner of the company, vice president, sales managers, and more working.  Exactly who would be working in these offices would depend on the type of business.  It would also be the place where conferences would be held.

When working in a corporate office, it will also be in cubicles or private offices.  They may even have a small cafeteria on the grounds or a lounge where they can spend their break.  They usually do not have the noise of the company in the background, such as the noise from customers, machines, etc.


There is not really all that much difference between an office and  corporate space.  The main differences are where they are located and who works in them.  Both can be private offices or cubicles.  To help remember the difference, remember that office space is almost always within the business while a corporate office can be in a different building or on a different floor of the business.


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