If you have a clear idea of what colours work well with your office environment to make a statement, then picking the right shade is easy. 


But if you don’t, then you need to figure out what works in the best interest of the overall work efficiency and also the mood of the employees.


Picking colours for office is very different from one’s home. And just because you like lavender and have added a home accent wall using the same, it doesn’t mean you can add it to your office walls.


Office Colour Psychology:


Bright colours associate with positive energy. But at times, it may not represent the right kind of energy. Take, for example- Red increases the speed and intensity of the emotions.


Plus, it makes everyone feel urgent, anxious and also worried. So, it would not be wrong to say that red is not an ideal choice for all productive office environment. However, they do tick for sales companies and even retail outlets as sale and clearance signs. The workers see the red signage and start thinking.


Other intense hues such as gem green and blue are wonderful for energy. But the same logic plays here too as they are not ideal for all working environment.


In fact, the common belief as per notable painting services in Sydney is that they are not a good choice for offices that involves a lot of thinking and collaboration work. Many are also of the notion that emerald green can make you lose your focus and working enthusiasm.


So, What Works Right For Offices?


  • Off-White:-


Any shade of white comes with a clinical appearance- even a soft off-white. They are easy to embellish, and it gives out a clean, calm and welcoming impression.


One can use it throughout the office premises with some intense and bold accent walls. The combination will work wonderfully.


  • Light Blue/Teal:-


Teal being a blend of green and blue seems  fit for use in any given workspace. Being a popular interior painting accent for offices in Sydney, it has a remarkable ability to turn a boring office into a productive workspace.


However, over usage of this bold accent can work against you and distract your workers from their respective chief tasks. One can combine soft teal with grey touches or accent walls to create an appreciative and productive professional/commercial setting.


  • Grey:-


If one wishes to accomplish a neutral workplace ambience, then going for grey is the right choice. The good news here is that you will find a variety of shades and hues to evoke vivid psyches.


Example- classic grey is very subtle, and too much of it could make the employees’ bit melancholy.


On the flip side, going too dark like metallic grey accents, especially in highly productive offices can make everyone around feel too depressed.


However, if they are used in the right combination, and in the appropriate spots, it could make the office environment more relaxed and serene. This works great in client access rooms, sole proprietorship offices and even electronic retail stores.


Blue-grey is another good accent to add to the office interior. It can give the office background a proper boost and a corporate/professional vibe.


  • Brown:-


In office spaces that need to feel strong and powerful, brown is the one colour to go for. To complement this eye-catchy accent; one can add rich wood furniture to give out a nice warm yet serious vibe.


  • Pastel Yellow:-


If one’s involved in the creative venture, the most important thing to wish for is keeping the creativity flow. For this going with pastel yellow, which is a blend of gold and soft yellow will work wonderfully with brown and white accents.


  • Orange:-


Orange may not be a first-choice of accent, simply because it causes too much intensity. However, if you use them tactfully like for creating one or two accent walls inside the office, it could be a wonderful remedy for those low-energy and sleepy afternoons.


Speak To The Pros:-


Now that these are clear as crystal consult with quality painting experts serving in and around Sydney pick the accents and convey the requirement. They live to serve and will be happy to oblige!

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