Here is Part 1 of the Official Guidelines for choosing an HGH formula for you and your family.

Guideline 1. How long has the formula been on the market?

FACT: Approximately 91% of all Human Growth Hormone formulas today have been developed within the past 10 months or less. Many have or are attempting to duplicate Hgh Plus™.

Hgh Plus™ from DMI™ has a trusted 13+ year history of unmatched success with improving personal and family health. Dr. Orman’s anti aging nutrition formula was one of the original, groundbreaking formulas and continues to be the world-wide leader and best seller in the rapidly developing field of anti-aging medicine. It is one of the very few formulas that is doctor developed, has clinical trials and safety data. Dr Orman worked with literally thousands of patients over the years to perfect this formula. It is based on hands on experience, not laboratory theories.
Hgh Plus™ cannot be duplicated. We are the only company using a special processing method called Alpha Trisequelene, which as a consumer of our product, allows the ingredients to be absorbed more quickly into your system.

Benefit to You: You can feel safe knowing that 12+ years of history are with this formula and it is backed by one of the premiere natural health practitioners in the country. It is also based on hands on work with patients — males and females from all backgrounds and ages. Nothing compares to real world information.

DMI™ offers products and services based upon proven methods, research and practices, combining both contemporary medical study with time proven solutions and solid nutrition. Our history is both extensive and impressive.

Guideline 2. Is the formula effective?

FACT: Less than 9% of all formula have clinical trials. Most state “ingredients have been proven to . . . .” This does NOT mean that the formula as a whole will work. When ingredients are mixed together, how do they react? Safely or dangerously? Clinical trials are a must. Hgh Plus™ (as a complete anti aging nutrition formula) works both safely and gently as proven by Clinical Trials and has an exemplary 13+ year history.

Today, DMI™ continues to be the Human Growth Hormone leader in the field withHgh Plus™ and exemplary customer support. Benefit to You: You experience the fast acting results based on proven science and working with actual patients. Clinical trials have been completed and outstanding results noted. This means a powerful and effective formula and results for you.

UPDATE: Hgh Plus™ is now a second generation formula, updated and improved. Now more convenient faster acting and easier to take! Additional clinical trials have been completed in America and Korean hospitals with exceptional results!

. . . . to be continued next Monday

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David is a Wellness Entrepreneur, Expert and Educator.