Online webstores have dramatically changed the way the brand reach to the consumers. Ecommerce stores have ample benefits as an alternative to physical store, but still it lacks the personal touch. Online and Offline marketing, both are essential for keeping an ecommerce
online store running and generating sales. Although with the advent of Internet technology, ecommerce webstores focus on online based marketing strategies, but still to stay on top of the market both the strategies should work simultaneously to face fierce competition in the
ecommerce world. Online Webstores should focus on exploiting all opportunities to promote their business.

Benefits of Offline Marketing for an Ecommerce store:

Reduced Consumer Search costs: The Indian buyer of today does his research online even when he will go to the store to buy. Offline marketing will reduce the cost that the buyer has to spend before he makes any purchase from the online store. Online marketing has to be bear huge
costs in maintaining staff responsible for development and maintenance of online stores. Although access to internet is easy these days, but still speed and quality of the internet connection and cost of electricity involved is a matter of concern. Thus, online webstores needs to maintain a balance in offline and online marketing strategies to penetrate into the market and
reach out to a larger segment.

Enticing customers to make an online purchase: Traditional offline marketing strategies like direct mails, brochures, hoardings etc. are effective in driving customers to make purchases from their respective online web-stores and generate traffic and revenue.

Customer engagement: An offline store with less of internet connections problem can help improving the customer experience which in turn will increase the customer engagement with your online brand educating them about the products and offerings of your store. Offline
marketing helps in building personal connections with the customers, thus increasing brand loyalty.

Brand presence and credibility: Offline marketing increases brand awareness and brand credibility for your online store. Having an offline presence for your webstore not only educates customers about your online presence but also boosts sales. Most people trust offline ads and are comfortable to make a purchase online only when the products they are buying have their ads offline.

Offline Marketing helps your webstore reach more people than they would be able to reach in an online space because still today billions of people don’t have access to Internet. The ultimate aim of any marketing effort is to earn profits, which a well timely ad on an offline platform can help. Offline is another great way that would go a long way in keeping the customers loyal and intact with your brand.

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