This is part five in a series of articles about trace minerals. My goal has been to share what I have discovered about the importance of trace minerals and how necessary they are in one’s diet. In this article, I will discuss the following minerals along with what they contribute to a healthy diet: lithium, boron, carbonate and calcium. Lithium is known for helping to controlling one’s emotion. Boron keeps our bones healthy and without it our bones become brittle. Carbonate helps in maintaining our blood at a balanced level, while calcium is an extremely important element for building healthy bones and teeth.
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When one first hears the word, ‘lithium,’ one thinks of the rechargeable battery and, yes, that’s true! Lithium is used in this capacity, but it is also a trace mineral. All human tissue contains some level of Lithium. This trace mineral helps stimulate the endocrine glands, brain function, and enhances the absorption of cobalt and vitamin b-12. Lithium deficiency results in reduced fertility, a depressed growth rate, reduced longevity, depression, uncontrollable emotions, and suicidal tendencies. The use of Lithium, in the form of “lithium carbonate,” could be used as a treatment for a type of mental illness, “manic depression,” was discovered by a researcher named Cade in 1949. After years of study, lithium carbonate has been widely used as a therapeutic drug for this condition.

Lithium has been discovered in the mid-1970’s as having an additional role in maintaining mental health. Researchers in Texas, discovered that the levels of Lithium found in water was inversely associated with the incidence of admissions and readmissions of patients for psychoses, neuroses, and various personality disorders in 27 Texas state mental hospitals. Since these researchers were unsure of their findings, they conducted a second more thorough study two years later. In the second study, the researchers not only confirmed their earlier findings but they found that homicide rates were inversely correlated with the lithium levels in drinking water.

However, in both studies the incidence data was only collected for a period of two years. Therefore two longer periods were studied by independent researchers at the University of California and the University of Oriente in Venezuela. In the first study, the incidence of suicide, homicide, and rape were studies over a five-year period. In the second study, the incidence data included many more offenses over a ten-year period. Using data from both of these studies, it was found that the incidence rates of suicide, homicide, and rape were significantly higher in counties whose drinking water supplies contained little or no lithium than in counties with water lithium levels ranging from 70 to 170 micrograms per liter; the difference remaining statistically significant after considering such factors as population density. The corresponding associations with the incidence rates of robbery, burglary, and theft were also statistically significant. Comparisons of drinking water lithium levels with the incidence of arrests for possession of heroin, cocaine and their derivatives also produced statistically significant inverse associations.

These results suggest that lithium has moderating effects on suicidal and violent criminal behavior at levels that may be encounters in municipal water supplies. The authors of these long-term studies concluded that, “lithium at low dosage levels has a generally beneficial effect on human behavior, which may be associated with the functions of lithium as a nutritionally-essential trace element.” These researchers suggested that a Lithium dosage level of about 2 milligrams a day might be considered as the dose effectively lowering the incidence of aggressive and/or self-destructive behavior.

Boron is a vital and required trace mineral that is required for normal growth and health of the body. Many disease conditions like arthritis, menopausal symptoms and osteoporosis among others are naturally managed by boron. Without small amounts of boron, bones would slowly break down and become brittle. The human body needs boron in very small amounts to allow calcium, phosphorus, and magnesium to function properly. This element is also necessary to allow the brain to function properly. In fact, boron can increase mental alertness. Boron is an essential trace element that is largely overlooked. However, it is very crucial to have boron for a healthy and disease-free life.
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When it comes to Carbonate or Carbon (as a trace mineral), it is important to know that carbon is the center of life. It is a major component of DNA. Through the action of nitrogen and selenium, carbon gets direction. More specifically, selenium does not allow carbon to go where it is not supposed to. Carbonate is an inorganic salt and it works as a buffer in the blood, adjusting the pH levels and bring the blood back to a balanced level.

Calcium is an extremely important element in the human body. It is one of the most abundant elements in our bodies and accounts for 2-3 pounds of our total body weight. Calcium is necessary to build healthy bones and teeth. Calcium influences body coagulation, stimulates muscles and nerves and acts as a cofactor for vitamin D and the function of the parathyroid gland. Muscles cannot contract without calcium. Calcium is essential for the regulation of heartbeat, maintains blood pressure, helps control the electrical impulses to the brain, and helps one’s blood to clot. Calcium depletion can result in a number of symptoms; the most notable is osteoporosis which results in decreased bone mass and increased chances of bone breakage. Other symptoms are leg cramps, muscle spasms and an increased risk of colon cancer. Calcium aids in maintaining bone health, dental care, prevention on colon cancer, reduces obesity, and etc. We need calcium right from birth till old age.

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