Knowing more about trace minerals and where they are abundant in nature can truly help one in purchasing some of the Fountain of Youth. Of course, no one is going to age backwards, like in the show, “Mork and Mindy,” but one can certainly feel younger, and therefore, enjoy life a whole lot more!

Trace minerals can be found in specific areas and in the United States, one such place is the Great Salt Lake. This lake contains some of the world’s best and highest mineral content. The human body only needs a minute amount of certain minerals to help with metabolism, digestion, and more. Trace minerals are the co-factors or tools that make everything happen in the body. While the focus in health supplements is often on vitamins, many of the trace minerals are necessary in order for our bodies to actually absorb vitamins and other nutrients properly. Various trace minerals serve as catalysts or necessary ingredients in electrical or chemical reactions in the body. These trace minerals include iron, manganese, copper, iodine, zinc, cobalt, fluoride, and selenium. Despite these tiny amounts needed by the body, their lack can cause serious health conditions.

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Years ago, it was easier to get the trace minerals our bodies required from food. Unfortunately, it’s far more difficult today. Experts estimate that 90 percent of the population suffer from mineral deficiency because the levels of minerals found in foods are dependent on the amount of minerals in the soil, and modern methods of farming have stripped much of the mineral content of the soil away, even whole, fresh vegetables and fruits have fewer trace minerals in them than they did fifty to a hundred years ago. Add to the fact that processing fresh foods destroys the mineral content in them, and that most of us rely on canned and processed foods for our nutritional needs. No wonder many of us have to take medication for illnesses caused by the lack of a proper diet.

Although certain body processes are attributed to certain minerals, each mineral needs one or more other minerals to function properly. For example, a proper calcium-phosphorus balance is necessary to the body in that an imbalance reduces the resistance to disease, increases fatigue, weakens intellectual faculties and leads to premature aging. Magnesium can only be used if calcium and phosphorus are in proper balance. An overabundance of one mineral can result in a deficiency of another.

(Check out Dr. Berg’s video about his electrolyte drinking containing trace minerals: )

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