Okay but what if you could learn to live the life that you really wanted?

Yes, and maybe there’s another explanation for what happened.

What if you could allow someone who knows more about it to help you get it done?

Well, could there be another way to make it happen?

Alright, so will you be open to allow yourself to try again?

I know, but if you keep thinking about it, perhaps you might admit it still matters?

I hear you, but what if you could afford to?

Yes, but what if you could?

That’s great but how would you respond if you truly valued your worth?

I know, but how could you do both?

I’m sure that’s how it went up to today, what if you could choose differently right now?

What if you did have a choice in the matter?

What if that was true before but not necessarily true anymore?

How could you feel more in control of the situation?

Yes, and how could you find the time?

I’m sure but what if it could be more organized?

What if that wouldn’t really hurt you? Would you accept that from someone else?

How might that just be an excuse ?

Maybe you could just allow the love and accept it for what it is

What if that was just a distraction to your unique purpose?

What could happen if you decided to tell them no?

Could you see where that might be a good thing for you?

Yes, but what if you could?

What if you decided to stop making excuses and do what it takes?

What if it felt safe enough to love yourself just a bit more than you did before?

How would you keep your peace of mind if you thought you had that option?

Okay, and do you want to heal that enough to face your fears?

What if it was safe for you to begin trusting them a bit more?

Okay, but could your fears be the real issue?

Right, and how is your defensiveness getting in the way of seeing a solution?

So what if you did have enough?

How might you get clearer about what’s most important to you?

Yes, and where is the unspeakable joy in it for you?

What if you could feel more relaxed even in the middle of all of this?

Alright, but what if you said yes just this once?

Yes, but when did you decide that you weren’t allowed?

If you could not be there, how would it get done without you?

What if you could decide to stop being stuck?

What if you really didn’t have to do it alone?

How could you feel more comfortable being totally honest with yourself in this moment?

Yes, and what are you noticing about the way you speak about it?

Okay, and could this be something you have brought on yourself?

I know, and what if you could expect something better?

How could it change if you allowed yourself to want what you want?

What would happen if you took the first step forward anyway?

Yes, but what if you did?

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Author: Adrienne, the Soul Power Coach
Adrienne, the Soul Power Coach™ is a Speaker and Coach for highly creative problems solvers and entrepreneurs who struggle with procrastination, doubts, fears, over-thinking, good excuses, and stubbornness. Adrienne knows exactly how to confidentially coach Helpers who get overwhelmed being there for everyone else, but are uncomfortable being helped. The Soul Power Coach™ has practical tools for the accomplished, respected, workaholic feeling isolated and frustrated because the people around them are behaving badly, or they just want life to be more fun. Clients come to the Soul Power Coach™ needing more focus, organization, consistency, and courage to move even the most impossible obstacles out of the way and feel more unspeakable joy. Adrienne has several ways to work herself out of a job by showing clients how to access their own Soul Power immediately and more consistently. Take the 30 Second Soul Power Challenge & get $275 of do-it-yourself coaching tools free at www.soulpowercoach.com