There is no doubt that our home is a more than special place. After all, this is where we gather stories, share great moments with loved ones, and have the pleasure of resting peacefully.

When it comes to a senior citizen, however, extra care must be taken to ensure that the environment truly provides all of these benefits. When choosing any type of property for seniors, you need to think about a number of requirements, such as safety, location, and environmental structure.

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1. Check the safety of the environment

The first step in finding a suitable residence for the elderly is to ensure that the place is completely safe. What does that mean? You should pay attention if the environment includes a security system - widely used in apartments and condominiums. This involves installing cameras at strategic points and even an on-site concierge that is able to monitor the entry and exit of people.

Inside the apartment, check if there are security locks on the windows, doors and balconies. This avoids any problem related to theft, theft or violence.

2. Pay attention to the location of the property

Who wouldn't want to live in a well located neighborhood? When we talk about choosing a property for seniors, this point should be even more important! For the comfort, safety and tranquility of all, it is advisable to find a region that offers good structure, especially for emergencies. Some points to consider are:


Check to see if in the chosen area there are pharmacies, medical clinics, hospitals and laboratories to perform routine examinations.


It is very common to find elderly people who do not drive or do not have their own vehicle. Be sure to check whether the property's location offers accessible bus, subway, or train stops. With this, the elderly will have greater freedom of movement to perform simple tasks, such as going to the market or visiting relatives.


The well-being is essential in the life of any individual! So it is important to choose an area that is rich in parks, fairs, gyms or collegiate schools. These activities are excellent for stimulating the brain and preventing problems such as depression.

3. Check out the site structure

In addition to analyzing external issues, our tip is to ensure that the residence itself is functional, comfortable and safe for the elderly. Many times we do not imagine, but unfortunately, it is possible to find real estate with different obstacles to the routine of someone in the elderly.


You have probably noticed that many seniors complain about going up or down stairs, right? This element can be a problem, especially when dealing with a person with a physical limitation who needs to use crutches, canes or wheelchairs. In this case, the ideal is the spaces with ramps or without any structure with steps.


Of course, elevators can make life easier for older people. With this structure, the elderly will have more practicality to move inside the building, without worrying about steps or other obstacles.

Safety bars

Whether indoors or outdoors, the safety bars are designed to support the elderly while moving through different rooms or even to perform basic daily activities such as bathing. Make sure the property facilities have this item!

Other details

There are still other details that make all the difference in safety for the elderly. Well-lit environments, furniture with rounded corners, large spaces that favor circulation and well-wired electrical wires to the walls and floors are some examples. With care and attention, you will be able to mitigate many risks present in environments!

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