Nearly all 20th century cameras used graphic film as a recording surface, while the greater part of latest ones now uses an electronic image sensor. The modern camera has change the shooting style of photography. In the queue of all the most recent camera model brands, Olympus has achieved a special place for itself in electronic market. There are many things that can be illustrated as great and amazing when it comes to Olympus camera. Boasting cameras with features like Full HD recording and high Optical Zoom on an easy-to-use interface, the Olympus SZ-30MR Digital Camera is an ideal choice, guaranteeing excellent imagery and great results.

The new SZ-30MR Digital camera is a vital companion during outdoor trip or voyage. With this modern companion you never miss any moment of beauty and wonder as it can capture fast moving objects with up to 15 frames per second at 5 mega pixel resolution and 3 frames per second at full 16 mega pixel resolution and the Multi recording mode that make possible you to shot full 16MP pictures even as recording a video. Capture all-encompassing plains to high rise structures with the sweeping scenery. This camera is packed full of features that will provide you with a superior imaging experience.

From stunning views to faction photos, get the intact scene into one wide-angle shot. Immediately pressing the shutter button, sweep up the camera over the view. Left to right or up and down, and let Olympus SZ-30MR the scene together with skillfully instinctive results. Capture 3D images at the touch of a button.

Olympus SZ-30MR Digital Camera takes very less space and also light weighted so easily fits in a purse or pocket during trip. The 3 inch 460k dots LCD is another strong point and it occupies around 75% of the camera's backside. User can easily shots night scene exclusive of a tripod. This special shooting mode takes 4 pictures in a quick burst and creates them to give luminous darkness scene pictures with ostensible noise.

The latest cameras by Olympus have an in-built flash that enhance the clarity of clicked images. Additionally it consists of style and artistic flair to stills and movies with Olympus' Magic Art Filters. Joining, Drawing, Fish Eye, Pop Art, Pin Hole, and Soft Focus are the new Punk, which creates a two-tone image with a classic punk rock feel, Watercolor, which transforms images into frame-worthy paintings, and glint, which adds a sparkle to your photos.

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